An inside look at the question: What are sweepstakes in marketing?

What is a sweepstakes and what are sweepstakes in marketing?

What is a sweepstake?

First things first, what is a sweepstakes?

The term sweepstakes isn’t as common as it may have been 15 or 20+ years ago. Today, we typically see more contests based on skill or social media giveaways using on tags or comments.

A sweepstake is simply a contest that requires no skill or association with the host to carry out. Sweepstakes are free to enter and have been regulated – in the United States and in other countries – by gambling commissions designed to ensure fairness. Prior to these anti-lottery or anti-gambling laws, purchase of sweepstake products could increase your likelihood of winning.

Sweepstakes and Marketing 

Sweepstakes with grand prizes are often hosted to increase awareness of a product. Giving away a product can generate attention and excitement about that item.

Sweepstakes put products back into the mind of people who may have forgotten about or lost interest over time, renewing desire for the product.

Finally, the information of the applicants when they enter a sweepstake can be extremely helpful for marketing departments, exemplifying for them what demographic of people enjoy the product.

So while what are sweepstakes in marketing is not always so clear to define, we hope this answers some of your questions! For more info, visit the rest of our content