How to organise a contest or a sweepstakes in Australia

How to organise a contest or a sweepstakes in Australia

In Australia, each state has its own rules on contest and sweepstakes

To organise a contest or sweepstakes in Australia, the first aspect you need to consider is that each of the 8 states that make up the country has different regulations on the subject.

In general, competitions decided by skill are allowed anywhere, while not all states allow to organize sweepstakes or gift with purchase.

Let’s look at some aspects that characterise the legislation on draws and competitions in this country.

Value of the prize pool and request for permission

In some states you need to apply for a permit to be able to organise sweepstakes or contests.

Generally, in these states, a permit must be requested if the value of the prize pool exceeds a certain amount, different from state to state.

There have been those that, instead, require it in the presence of specific conditions, let’s look at a couple of examples:

  • in South Australia it is mandatory if the prize pool exceeds 5000 A$ or if the sweepstakes or contest is in Instant Win mode,
  • in Western Australia if it lasts longer than 12 months and does not comply with standard regulations.

In these states it is also required to pay a fee for obtaining the permit, which varies according to the value of the prize pool.

Contests by software winner selection: procedure

In Australia, in case of winner selection with software, the presence of the notary is not required nor that it takes place in front of public officials as happens in other countries, but it is required that authorised software is used.
Generic software available online is not accepted, rather it must be only certified software offered by local suppliers. 

Prizes that it is forbidden to offer in a draw prize or contest

The choice of the prize in a draw or contest is one of the most important elements and must be made with any prohibitions and limitations imposed by the legislation very clearly in mind.

Across Australia, for example, in addition to guns and tobacco, which are banned in almost every state in the world, they cannot be made available in a draw or competition for cosmetic and surgical interventions.

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