Prize promotion and contests on Instagram

Organise an Instagram contest, increase your fan base and engage your target market in a dynamic and fun way!

Instagram is the most popular social media among consumers of all ages because it allows emotions and experiences to be shared using images in a simple and direct way.

Organising a contest on Instagram is therefore an excellent strategy for a brand since it makes it possible to:

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Attract new followers
  • Increase the social media engagement rate
  • Support the launch of new products on the market
  • Receive user-generated content
  • Build up an established community centred on the brand or product

Don’t delay!
Make the most of Instagram’s potential and engage your community in a contest!

To help create a successful Instagram contest, Promosfera has developed mechanisms for running competitions that make it possible to activate promotions quickly, easily and economically, in compliance with all the laws on promotions and the policies of the social media networks.

The services we provide include:

  • Mention&Hashtag
  • CommentContest

the best solution in order to engage your target!

Users can take part by simply posting content (a photo or video) on their Instagram profile. No application forms to fill in – it couldn’t be simpler!

How does Mention&hashtag work?

  • Take a photo or a video that conveys the theme of the contest;
  • Post it on your Instagram profile;
  • Add the contest hashtag and a specific phrase or “mention” for joining the promotion;
  • That’s all there is to it!


  • ONLINE GALLERY with all the entrants’ photos and/or videos
  • A way of moderating the ENTRIES
  • A LANDING PAGE for contest rules

The best form of promotion for boosting your engagement rate on any social media!

To enter the promotion, users simply comment on the contest post published on the brand’s Instagram page! A fast and effective way of ramping up the engagement rate.

Comment Contest is available on:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

How does the COMMENT CONTEST application work?

  • Users are asked to comment on the promotional post published on the brand’s profile
  • If requested, users must mention one or more friends in their comment (this will help increase engagement!)
  • It’s as simple as that!

What do our Instagram contest applications include?

Our Instagram contest, Mention&Hashtag and Comment Contest applications provide:

  • Terms & Conditions that comply with the regulations in all the countries involved;
  • An Instagram software application that operates through the official Application Programming Interface;
  • All legal requirements are met;
  • Data-Export and selection of the winners.

With our help, an engaging promotion can be launched in no time!

👉 Contact us for more information and advice on which Instagram contest would be the best for your needs!