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Promosfera specialises in the creation and management of international prize promotions and giveaways worldwide.

We have 18 years’ experience in staging more than 8.700 prize promotions, sweepstakes and giveaways in 72 countries.

Our multilingual and multidisciplinary team runs legally-compliant international promotions globally,

We are experts in international giveaways. Promosfera can help you run online and offline prize competitions and sweepstakes in any country.

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Prize-Promotions and Gift with Purchase promotions are the ideal tool for your marketing strategies if you pursue goals such as:

Increase brand or product visibility

Pushing sales in both sell in and sell out

Collecting new contacts for marketing purposes

Keeping social channels alive

Capturing new content

Launching new products or services

Organising a Prize-Promotion is the best way to achieve goals such as increasing the visibility of your brand or product and collecting new leads for your marketing activities, increasing your sales, both for sell in and sell out, launching new products or services: with Prize-Promotions and Gift with Purchase promotions you can maximise results.
An online Prize-Promotion allows you to get in direct contact with your specific target who can instantly participate in your Prize-Promotion through their smartphone and to whom you can offer, with a simple redirect, more information about your products and services.
A Prize-Promotion on your social channels such as Facebook or Instagram, for example, is the best tool for maintaining constant contact with consumers and for collecting new content to use for your campaigns.
And if you want to conquer new markets, organising international Prize-Promotions can help you achieve your business goals in any market of interest. International Prize-Promotions, in fact, represent a marketing opportunity, but it is necessary to manage them in compliance with the regulations of each nation involved including the fiscal aspects of taxes on prizes and privacy laws, a very delicate issue even in non-GDPR countries.
The main elements that determine the success of a Prize-Promotion are basically two: the right prize and adequate communication. Surely the choice of the right prize is the most difficult challenge to overcome when organising Prize-Promotions and there is no exact science for determining it: regardless of its value, the prize must be motivating for the target to which the promotion is addressed, the best prizes are the aspirational ones, difficult to obtain and that respond to the wishes of your audience. Equally important, in order to achieve the objectives of the Prize-Promotion, is to prepare an adequate communication campaign of the initiative that, in addition to providing visibility on the packaging of the products (when involved), implements in-store activities and offline and online investments through, for example, both organic and paid advertisements.