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Contests and sweepstakes are fundamental tools for achieving your sales goals and connecting with the public to gain awareness, increase your audience and get new leads.

Organise a contest in the countries of the world that interest you and get the most out of your international marketing campaign.

Any international Prize-Promotion must comply with local laws. Promosfera offers a full consultancy service which includes legal advice on all aspects of Prize-Promotions.

Software for contests

Promosfera can offer support with developing customised software for Prize-Promotions entered online or via voice or text messaging systems or scratch cards, etc.


With cashback you incentivise sales by offering consumers a refund of part of the money spent. Promosfera supports you in the management of all organisational, bureaucratic and banking aspects.

Social media giveaways

Social media provide a very interesting platform on which to organise promotions. However, in some countries, certain obstacles have to be overcome before social media apps can be used for promotional purposes.


Prizes are a key element in contests, because they contribute significantly to determining their success.

If you want to organise an international contest, you must choose the prizes taking into account the regulations of the country to which you are addressing.

Each country has different rules that may include prohibiting specific products from being awarded or imposing limits on the value of the prizes offered, and it is a good idea to always consider aspects related to the culture, history and religion of the country in which you want to organise your contest.

Promosfera will support you in choosing the most suitable prize pool for your contest.

Promosfera will support you in choosing the most suitable prize pool for your contest.

Winners and delivery of the prizes

When you have identified the winners of your contest, you will have to activate the correct procedures to notify the winner and deliver the prizes respecting the rules of the country that is hosting your promotion that could define in detail both the procedures and the timing.

This stage of the contest is often linked to tax aspects: depending on the country you are in, the type of prize and its value, you may have to pay taxes and produce specific documentation to prove that the delivery of the prize has taken place.

With regard to logistics, it will be advisable to verify a priori the possible presence of customs duties or logistical complexities to correctly assess the budget necessary for this phase of the contest.

To safely manage your contest, Promosfera supports you in all these aspects by managing the correct procedures on your behalf, country by country.

Graphic Design

For your contest to capture the attention of the consumer, graphics are fundamental and not only at the point of sale. Packaging, landing pages, social media advertising, communication materials… Your contest must stand out! Promosfera supports you in creating the most suitable graphics to give maximum visibility to your promotion.

Character Design

The use of a Character in packaging and communication makes your promotion immediately recognisable by the public. Rely on Promosfera to create the right character and attract the attention of your target!



Entertain your audience in an original way with PromoGame! Tie to your promotion an online minigame of your choice between: puzzles, crossword puzzles, memory games, hidden objects, timed quizzes and slide and match. Promosfera supports you in creating the most suitable minigame to achieve your goal!