Cashback: what it is, how it works and how to organise it

Incentivise sales by offering consumers a refund of part of the money spent

Cashback is a promotional initiative that involves returning to the consumer part of the money they have spent on their purchases.

It consists in the provision of a genuine refund that can be made:

  • by bank transfer to the customer’s current account
  • by crediting directly their credit card or PayPal account

Consumers appreciate this promotional formula more than the traditional discount since the refund generates a feeling of making a profit for them.

From a marketing point of view, these promotions are a winner! They offer the advantage of being able to give their customers a significant discount on purchases while overcoming organisational, bureaucratic and tax difficulties arising from the involvement of points of sale in paying a discount on behalf of the promoter.

Cashback, a winning strategy for international markets.

Organising a cashback is a winning strategy for international markets.

Wherever you want to implement a cashback initiative, to ensure its success you need to invest in an integrated communications plan that includes a mix of different methods and channels depending on the target of the promotion.

How to organise your cashback

It is possible to allow the consumer to request their refund quickly and easily, by post or through the use of digital platforms in which the customer registers and uploads a copy of their receipt easily, including from their smartphone.

Choosing Promosfera means entrusting yourself to a partner who relieves you of difficulties by taking charge of all operations:

  • drafting transparent regulations
  • revision of communications texts
  • customer service
  • freephone telephone number
  • activation of the mailbox (if you choose the traditional method)
  • configuration of the digital platform for the reimbursement request
  • receipt of discount request
  • checking the backing documentation
  • refund coordination and management
  • integrated communications plan

Thanks to the support of Promosfera you can offer your customers an effective and valuable promotion, in Italy and abroad.

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