Contest laws and sweepstakes in Italy

Would you like to run a contest or a sweepstake in Italy but you’re not sure how to? Here is all you need to know.

In Italy, both chance based (giveaways) and skill-based (contests) prize promotions, are subject to the same laws, which rule the bureaucratic procedures and fiscal obligations that must be respected. In addition, there are severe sanctions for not abiding by the stipulated requirements or carrying out prohibited draws.

How to run a contest in Italy

  • Write detailed terms and conditions of the giveaway;
  • Stipulate a guarantee for the full amount of the prizes;
  • Appoint a non-profit organisation to receive the prizes if, for any reason, they are not claimed or wanted by the participants.
  • Fill out the ministerial forms;
  • Send all required documentation to the Ministry of Economic Development via the “prema on line” system at least 15 days before the start date of the prize draw;
  • Choose the winners in the presence of the Official Responsible for the Protection of Public Faith;
  • Pay taxes on the prizes;
  • Hand over the prizes within a maximum period of 180 days with proof of delivery;
  • Declare the closure of the contest with the Official Responsible for the Protection of Public Faith after having handed over the prizes.

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