CHARACTER DESIGN: creating a personality or a Character for your promotion

Character Design: creativity for a prize draw or competition that makes an impression

A personality or a Character for your promotion gives you the opportunity to make it instantly recognizable

Creating a personality or a Character for your promotion gives you the opportunity to make it instantly recognizable.

It allows you to enhance your graphics with a character that can be displayed in all communications formats and materials that will also be very useful for the storytelling associated with your contest.

How we create the right  character for your promotion

Depending on the positioning of the product (or service) you want to promote, we will define together the personality of the character and their characteristics: age, gender, clothing, context and setting, as well as any accessories that distinguish it.
The Character does not necessarily have to have a human appearance, there are many worlds from which we can draw inspiration to create the right character – we can refer to animals, objects or nature, or we can rely entirely on our imagination.

Styles can be different too:

  • realistic
  • cartoon
  • manga
  • chibi
  • caricatural

Personality definition

Once we have defined the type of Character and the style of drawing, we continue with proposals drawn in black and white so as to focus on the particular characteristics of the personality.
Once you have chosen the details that will characterise your Character, we move on to the version in clean black and white lines.


The choice of 2020 was to customise the packs and the communication campaign with a character specially designed in the style of an animated cartoon that immediately attracted the attention of consumers thanks to its characteristics: soft shapes, funky hairstyle, large and communicative eyes that immediately put the character among the good guys in a hypothetical movie.

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