Character Design: creativity for a prize draw or competition that makes an impression

Character Design: creativity for a prize draw or competition that makes an impression

Focus on graphics and illustrations to promote your draw or competition

When communicating a draw or competition or a gift with purchase promotion, the first step is to focus on creativity, in particular on graphics and illustrations.

Communication of a prize draw or competition, in fact, often starts from the packaging of the product that should draw in consumers, distinguishing itself from competing products within the store.

How to create a prize draw or competition that impresses

One of the winning elements to achieve this goal is graphics designed specifically for the advertising of your prize draw or competition.

To capture attention, you usually choose a human (or humanlike) character who establishes a direct link with the consumer through his/her gaze, expression or position in the space, becoming the testimonial of your communication. 

The style chosen also has an important impact depending on the message and the target audience: realistic, manga, caricature or cartoon ….. 

The role of the main character

The character becomes central for all the communication of the draw or competition, making himself/herself easily recognisable by the consumer on all the media and in all the contexts where he/she  is presented. 

The character will be supported by a narrative that will make him/her protagonist of the advertising communication of the draw or competition on all the materials, and also of one of the illustrated stories – why not?

Find out how to create the main character of your draw or competition!

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