Software for your online, social media and WhatsApp contests

Promosfera supports you in the development of software for contests and platforms that are customised for your needs

giveaway contest software application

The mechanics of participating in an online contest can be varied:

  • simply filling out a form with one’s data
  • uploading a purchase document
  • requesting photographic contributions
  • participation in advergames.

There can also be different mechanisms for awarding winnings: random or final draw, Rush&Win or by jury.

To ensure the proper conduct of an online contest, it is essential to have software that is reliable, possibly certified, able to guarantee respect for the public confidence.

The software, in fact, must be able to handle:

  • Management of the promotion through a dedicated website;
  • Collection of participants’ data with the necessary security measures and in compliance with privacy regulations;
  • Verification of the uniqueness of each play. In these cases, the software must be able to prevent validating multiple plays made with the same code or receipt in order to avoid that it is used several times. A filter or a retrospective check, in fact, does not guarantee equal opportunities;
  • Awarding of prizes: in cases of Instant-win mechanics, it is essential to guarantee the neutrality and randomness of the awarding.

Characteristics of software for the management of a contest

The software must be:

  • Secure and impartial, in some countries it must also be certified;
  • Set ad hoc on the basis of both the mechanics of participation and the method of awarding prizes;
  • tamper-proof, no one must be able to enter the running software either to alter the setting or to modify the database.

Another fundamental aspect to keep in mind when making an online contest is that the site is perfectly visible and usable from all devices. The sites dedicated to the contests must be responsive. They have to be accessible from mobile devices, favouring the immediacy of participation.

Software for managing social media contests

Also for participation in contests on social networks, it is necessary to implement specific applications that allow the collection of user data and the safeguarding of public confidence.

Contest management software on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter requires integration with APIs of the social networks in order to collect participations regularly.

In Promosfera we manage dedicated software for the management of different types of contests on social media!

Software for WhatsApp contests

Just like for social networks, also the software for managing promotions on WhatsApp requires a dedicated system and integrated with the APIs of the dedicated app.

The participation on the user side is truly simple and direct:

  • activate a chat on the number dedicated to the promotion by sending content (such as the photo of the purchase document)
  • reply to subsequent bots by providing all the data necessary for participating

Be aware of the regulatory differences of the various countries

Also for the implementation of software for contests, it is necessary to comply with the specific directives of the countries to which it is addressed.

In Italy, online contest mechanics are allowed on the condition that the contest management software has the server allocated in the Italian territory. The software in Portugal must be delivered to the authorities to control its operation.

In Brazil, in online contests, it is necessary to estimate the number of entries and each of the users must be provided with a unique participation code.

With the support of partners with proven experience and reliability, Promosfera provides its customers with dedicated mini-sites for Prize-Promotions through a professional technological platform with certified software and with back office availability for monitoring the progress of the promotion, exporting lists of participants and winners, and obtaining statistics.