PromoGame contes: organise mini-games to entertain and reward your audience

Inform, reward and retain your customers in an interactive and fun way: run a promogame contest!

Do you want to promote your brand and your products in an innovative, light and engaging way?

Organise a PromoGame contest!

A promotion with an online game to interact with your audience, while they are having fun!

Puzzles, crossword puzzles, memory games, hidden objects, timed quizzes, slide and match games… choose the most suitable game for your target and for the goal you want to achieve!

The games are fully customisable with images and colours of your brand and they can be shared on your social profiles.

PromoGame contest supports you in the pursuit of multiple goals:

  • Increasing awareness;
  • Launching new products and/or promoting the existing ones;
  • Engaging consumers;
  • Generating new leads;
  • Entertaining your target;
  • Informing and educating the audience.

What is the advantage of PromoGame contest?

With PromoGame you can always “dress” your promotions in different ways.
You can use mini-games to:

  • optimise the results of a discount coupon distribution campaign;
  • inform your audience in the time they are having fun;
  • animate and make your prize-promotions original; 
  • encourage redemption and multiple participations.

Complete customisation of mini-games

Online promogames can be fully customised in all their graphic and textual aspects.

  • All the elements can help to create an experience in line with your image and even provide that specific elements, like your own products, become an integral part of the game itself.
  • Depending on the target you are addressing, you can choose:
    • the difficulty level of the games;the time within which to solve them;
    • if you want to make the ranking of participants visible to encourage competition;
    • whether to use ranking to increase audience engagement on your social channels.


  • Puzzle
  • Memory
  • Slide&Match
  • Word Search
  • Hidden Object
  • Timed Quiz
  • Word shuffle