MultiGame promotion: entertain, engage and retain customers with an original initiative

Create a promotion that hits the mark

Consumers are increasingly demanding and involving them in a promotional initiative requires a continuous creative effort.

One strategy to make you stand out and succeed is to create initiatives that:

  • entertain your consumers by offering many different stimuli;
  • retain them with an initiative that does not end with a single activity but keeps them tied to your brand on multiple occasions;
  • increase their engagement.

Users today need to be attracted by activities that amuse and why not surprise them too! So how do you create original promotions that hit the mark?

The answer is to offer a MultiGame promotion to achieve all the objectives listed in a simple way and with an affordable budget.

The MultiGame package

MultiGame is customisable in all its aspects:

  • in the choice of activities to be offered (games such as memory, puzzles or quizzes, vouchers and coupons, e-books and more)
  • in the level of difficulty of the games, targeting both children and a more adult audience;
  • in the duration or number of activities?
  • in the graphics¬†

In addition, it allows you to create content and events to enhance your social media channels with new stimuli for your fans.

With a MultiGame promo you can organise a stimulating, fun and engaging competition.

Have fun with our demo and find out how our MultiGame solution works!

Successful experiences

FattoreMamma organised for Baby Shower Week, an event dedicated to expectant mothers, live videos with experts combined with a MultiGame quiz to maintain user involvement. Each live video was matched with a quiz asking questions about the content offered.

Haribo, on the other hand, used this package to create a promotion distributed over several days, with a new advergame each day, to engage its consumers in celebrating the company’s 100th anniversary.

Christmas: the perfect opportunity for a MultiGame promotion

With the MultiGame package you can create a Digital Advent Calendar with competitions, discounts, quizzes, games or polls for as many days as you want. You can also organize a draw of a grand final prize from among all those who have opened a minimum number of windows or even all of them, depending on your strategy.

Read more about MultiGame Promo: offer your consumers a new activity every day and contact us to arrange your promotion!