MultiGame Promo: offer your consumers a new activity every day

Create a must-have appointment for your customers

There are plenty of opportunities to create a multidate and multigame appointment with your customers: you can simply entertain them, inform them about your products in a more engaging way, prepare the ground for the launch of a new product, celebrate an anniversary of your company or accompany them to an important event or a holiday. Thanks to the MultiGame Promo solution, you can activate a promotional initiative that offers your customers a new activity every time: contests, quizzes, vouchers, surveys, games, downloadable information, tutorials ….. And even provide a draw for a grand final prize.
Many different activities can be planned within the package, all of which are engaging for your audience and can be activated quickly, and on a limited budget too. 

A new activity every day and a final prize draw
Games such as:

  • Puzzles
  • Find the hidden objects
  • Minesweeper
  • Memory
  • Word search

and also:

  • Information to download
  • Tutorials to follow
  • Discounts

The activities available in the package are numerous and varied. All you have to do is choose the ones that best suit your goal and your target market and that’s it! 
To further motivate your customers to participate repeatedly in your promotion, you can also provide a final draw for a super prize that is reserved for those who visit the contest page a certain number of times set by you. 

Maximum customisation in an all-inclusive solution
The MultiGame Promo package allows you to customise the graphics and choose the activities and duration of your promotional initiative. With the greatest of ease, your customers will find themselves in “your” environment from all points of view: from its visual impact to the choice and presentation of the games, and to the text employed. 

MultiGame Promo and social media
With this package you also have the opportunity to liven up your social media channels, keeping the attention of your followers high thanks to a continuous flow of new posts and stories linked to the content of the Promo.

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