“HARIBO 100 years play with us!”: a highly successful MultiGame Promo

“HARIBO 100 years play with us!”: a highly successful MultiGame Promo

HARIBO engaged with customers for 5 days with a new advergame in each box

HARIBO has created a fresh and engaging promotional initiative to involve its customers in the celebrations for the company’s 100th anniversary, to thank them for their confidence and loyalty.

HARIBO has chosen our MultiGame Promo solution to quickly and easily develop a promotion over several days that offers its customers a new advergame each day.

The promotion, developed on the model of a digital advent calendar, offered a new activity in each box. In particular, HARIBO has chosen to activate 5 days of games for its customers, each time with a different advergame: wordsearch, memory, hidden objects, quizzes and puzzles.

Our MultiGame Promo solution allows complete freedom in choosing the duration of the initiative and the type of advergame to activate, and in customising the entire gaming environment with colours, graphics and text concerning the brand.

From all those who played, from 9 to 13 December, Haribo drew a winner for each day of play, one of those who participated 2 to 4 times, and one among the most loyal who completed all the advergames, to receive a special prize.

At stake for the winners were the brand’s exclusive Special Box products that contained a surprise selection of sweets, a prize targeted perfectly at the company’s customers.

The loyalty prize winner received a Special Box of HARIBO products worth €250.

The initiative was included on the website created specially by the company to celebrate its 100 years and was promoted with a strong social media campaign that involved influencers too.

What is a MultiGame Promo?
MultiGame Promo is the ideal solution to keep your relationship with your customers alive as it allows you to offer a new activity every day!

Completely flexible and customisable in graphics and the choice of activities, the package can include a final draw to motivate customers to participate multiple times.

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