Luce Beauty Instagram contest #thatsAmorelipkit to launch the brand’s first lipstick

Giveaway Instagram Luce Beauty per nuovo rossetto

Luce Beauty has chosen our “Post a Story” mechanism for its Instagram contest

Luce Beauty has launched a contest on Instagram to promote the launch of the first That’s Amore lipstick, taking advantage of the potential of our Post a Story solution.

The objectives of the Instagram contest

The brand has set itself the following goals:

  • To launch a new product
  • to increase brand awareness and engagement
  • Get valuable content from brand-loving users

All reachable with the Instagram contest mechanism “Post a story”.

How the #thatsamorelipkit giveaway works

Come funziona il giveaway di Luce Beauty

In order to participate, users must:

  1. Follow the @lucebyalessiamarcuzzi page;
  2. Share a Story on their Instagram profile with a red lipstick while they kiss, bite or smile at their favourite Italian dish. In the story it is important to mention the page @lucebyalessiamarcuzzi  and insert the hashtag dedicated to the #thatsAmorelipkit;
  3. Following the publication of the story, the user immediately receives a Direct Message: this starts the personalised chatbot for the Luce Beauty contest to finalise participation.

What are the strengths of the #thatsAmorelipkit Luce Beauty Instagram contest?

  • The promotion theme

Asking users who love the brand to do makeup and skincare and publish a photo with a lipstick is effectively a spontaneous action for them.

  • The exclusive prize

The prize at stake is the That’s Amore Lipkit: a preview product not yet on the market. The exclusivity of receiving something that no one has yet tried has aroused great interest and curiosity, thus encouraging participation in the contest.

  • Automatic follower control

Our Instagram chatbot system allows you to check in real time that the participants are followers of the page: if they are not, the inflow of Direct Messages is blocked and an error message is sent until the user actually follows the page. Only then can the flow of messages be terminated.

  • Sharing stories

Luce Beauty shared the stories published for the contest on its own profile: this made it possible to advertise the contest even more and to give value and recognition to the photos of all the participants. It is always a pleasure to see that a brand appreciates the content posted by users, so much so that they can also publish it on their profile.

The prizes up for grabs for the Luce Beauty contest

At the end of the promotion, which took place from 17 to 20 September, among all those who participated, 10 winners were drawn who won a That’s Amore Lipkit with Lip Scrub, Lip Balm and the new That’s Amore Lipstick.
The first 3 participants drawn were also given a Gift Card of the brand, worth €100

A winning choice for strengthening the link between follower and brand was to include a voucher in the offer: people who follow the page love the brand are even more encouraged to participate in the contest.

Do you want to organise an Instagram contest involving your stories? Find out what the right solution is to achieve your goal and contact us to evaluate together the best mechanism for your contest.