Instagram Stories Contest: Expand your audience and multiply your interactions

Instagram Stories Contest

Choose a contest to get the most out of your Instagram Stories

Stories are the most successful Instagram format because they offer users the opportunity to interact directly with brands with questions, surveys, music, countdowns and much more: why not make the most of the potential of stories with an Instagram Stories contest?

So do Instagram Stories work? YES!

We can finally say it!

Depending on the goal you set for yourself, we recommend two different promotional mechanisms, let’s see them together.

Objective 1 AWARENESS: how to reach more people

With an Instagram Story you have the opportunity to get noticed by your audience but you can reach many more people if you organise a sweepstake.

By asking users to post a Story on your Instagram profile to participate, you also get visibility from their followers and this allows you to expand your potential audience even more.

Organising an Instagram Stories contest like “POST A @STORY” is very simple and participation for users requires only a few steps:

Objective 2 ENGAGEMENT: how to increase Interactions

Interactions on Instagram are fundamental: the higher the engagement rate of contents, the more the Instagram algorithm values the profile that publishes it and the more it “pushes” the content itself on the platform.

If you want to get more interactions with your contributions, organise a prize contest that asks users to respond to a Story you have published – it’s the right solution!  Stories, in fact, are the perfect means to engage users and ask them to interact.

Here are the steps that users must follow to participate in a “REPLY TO THE STORY” contest:

Instagram Stories: how and why to use them

From a promotional point of view, stories are a tool that you must undoubtedly make the most of, because the posts in the feed alone, in a competitive context such as Instagram’s, are not enough to get you noticed by your audience.

Not to mention that the Stories format allows you to include:

  • links directly to your site;
  • a tag that allows users to purchase your product directly;
  • Surveys, open questions and direct reactions;
  • Stickers, GIFs, music and more!

Remember that your Stories should be:

  • fast, attractive and easily consumed;
  • frequent to maintain a constant presence and create a stronger bond with your followers;
  • regular to retain your audience which knows when to expect new content;
  • exclusive by offering previews, tutorials and behind the scenes scenarios, for example.

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Are you unsure what type of Instagram contest to organise? Choose the most suitable mechanism for your objectives, there are lots!