Contests and sweepstakes are always developing, as is our DNA

Contests and sweepstakes are always developing, as is our DNA

Promosfera’s focus stays on promotions but the team’s skills are developing continuously

In 2006, when Promosfera was founded, the most common way to participate in prize competitions was still sending proof of purchase in paper format. Online methods of participation were still viewed with distrust and therefore were little used.

But the use of the Internet for prize competitions has always had many advantages:

  • It is possible to speed up and simplify participation
  • It allows you to acquire new leads without having to manually enter consumer data
  • It favours wider participation because the competition entry is by restricted to paper distribution.

This was certainly a frontier worth crossing.

What skills are necessary to organise a contest, a sweepstakes or a gift with purchase promotion?

To organise a prize draw or competition, you need a variety of skills ranging from legal expertise to marketing, and from graphic communications to taxation.

At Promosfera, we deal with all the bureaucratic and fiscal aspects required by the legislation of the country where the promotion takes place: drafting of the regulations, sending of ministerial procedures, establishing a guarantee for the prize money and procedures for tax compliance.

But that’s not all! Behind the creation of a promotion there are many different aspects to take into account. In fact, we are also committed to supporting promoters in all those aspects that become crucial in determining the success of the promotion, such as, for example, the right choice of prizes after a detailed study, the identification of the best mechanism based on the objective and the target audience, handling of the use of images and logos to be included in the communication and the entire logistics process for the purchase and delivery of prizes.

Another very important and delicate aspect is that of siting a prize competition which requires the support of specialised professionals to ensure compliance with regulations and the guarantee of protection of public confidence in the procedure.

For this reason, for the draw and competition sites that we manage, we use proprietary platforms or the support of specialised software houses capable of responding promptly to what is required by law.

Our focus does not change but our skills do

In addition to these skills, there are others that are strongly influenced by changes in consumer habits, society and the development of the technologies available to us.

Over the years, therefore, we have also evolved but our focus has always remained on promotions. Our skills have grown, adapting to new market opportunities.

From postcards, collected by the hundreds of thousands in our first offices in Somma Lombardo, to draws and competitions conducted by SMS and now also on WhatsApp, from the Internet and websites to social media and Apps, we have accompanied the promotions sector through the many changes of recent decades.

We have learned to apply new technologies to the world of competitions to help promoters offer new and up-to-date initiatives.

Services and solutions for today’s prize promotions and gift with purchase promotions

Today, therefore, with the expansion of our skills, the solutions we can offer have also multiplied.

The panorama of promotions is enriched with new opportunities but also challenges: competition is stronger and attracting attention and winning the loyalty of consumers is increasingly difficult.

This is why it is important to offer services that are always innovative and broad-spectrum.

Support for Graphics and Character Design

Supporto grafico  e Character Design

To make people notice a promotion immediately, you definitely need graphics and illustrations that make it stand out both in stores and online.

To help you capture the attention of your consumers and make your initiative immediately recognisable, we offer a graphics and Character Design service. Promosfera’s graphics designer, in fact, in addition to creating the graphic style of the activity, can conceive and design the perfect characters for your brand and to support your promotion.

These characters can be used in many different ways: on any type of material or format for communication.

YCA (Your contest Awareness)

promuovi il tuo concorso a premi con YCA

In Promosfera, we have understood, in our long experience, that one of the most important pieces for a promotion to be successful is that of communications: it is essential that the target audience knows the promotion and all its advantages!

To provide our customers with an effective tool to let their consumers know that their new competition has started, we have created YCA (Your contest Awareness) which promotes the competition outside the brand profiles by focusing on the prizes up for grabs and on how to participate with engaging graphics and direct language to the target audience.

PromoGame and MultiGame

Minigame online e appuntamenti periodici per le tue promozioni con MultiGame e PromoGame

Investing in gamification is a key strategy to increase consumer loyalty: interactive content makes the experience more engaging and memorable, thus allowing you to gain user loyalty.

Online mini-games that entertain, regular appointments that keep people coming back several times: with our gamification solutions you can organise promotional activities aimed at creating a pleasant and positive relationship between the brand and the public.

With PromoGame you can organise online mini-games, with the brand’s products as the players to promote them in an original way. With MultiGame you can create calendars of appointments that lead consumers to become attached to the brand.

Draws and competitions with WhatsApp

Organizza Concorsi con WhatsApp

Ease of use and the spread into all age groups make the WhatsApp platform an excellent vehicle for prize competitions too.

By taking advantage of WhatsApp for a prize competition, it is possible to:

  • use custom chatbots to create wizards that make it even easier for users to participate
  • ask users to send texts, images, videos and audio, making the contest mechanism more varied and engaging

Instagram Contests (Stories and Chatbots)

Contest su Instagram

Instagram is the best-loved social media at the moment and companies are fighting to gain more interactions and visibility and to engage users.

To promote, interact and stimulate users to create content about brands and products, and make their community more active, one of the most effective strategies is to organise a contest.

Contests can be organised on posts and reels or on important Stories, the important thing is to comply with the regulations of the country where the promotion takes place and the social media policy.

To gain visibility and increase interactions, the best contests are those that require users to comment on posts or reels or to respond if it is a Story.

To stimulate users to create content and to promote themselves to a wider audience, on the other hand, the best solution is to ask users to publish a post or reel or a Story.

If however the goal is also to increase the page’s followers and collect new leads then we recommend activating our CommentContest Chatbot  solution to get a complete profile of the participants and check in real time that the participants are actually your followers!

Try the CommentContest Chatbot mechanism here

TikTok Draws and Competitions

Organizzare contest e giveaway su TikTok

The TikTok entertainment platform continues to grow in terms of the number of users but also in terms of pervasiveness across different age groups.

Everyone’s goal is to make their video viral and a valuable tool to achieve this purpose is a prize draw or competition. By asking users to comment on a video and tag their friends to participate in the contest, you get engagement and interactions that ensure that the platform itself offers it all the more.

If, on the other hand, the goal is to obtain more visibility for your brand or product, the ideal is to organise a prize competition that requires users to publish a video to participate. In this way, you get original promotional content that is perceived as more authentic by users.

How we are structured to offer the best advice

Each person of Promosfera’s consultancy team has a 360° ability over prize draws and competitions and is therefore able to handle the phases of a project from the moment they interface with the client for the first time until the closing procedure.

Each account manager advises and accompanies the client throughout the development of the promotion. The client benefits from the account manager’s experience which is continuously enriched also through daily moments of discussion and exchange of updates with the rest of the team.

Our international multilingual team specialises in foreign contests for which it has acquired direct knowledge on regulations and compliance through constant training and implementation.

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