Salewa international contest WE_AR* NATURE

Concorso a premi internazionale di Salewa WE_AR* NATURE

The contest was aimed at consumers in Italy, Austria, Germany and Poland

The new international contest of Salewa, a leading manufacturer of mountain sports equipment, was held from 1 April to 1 May 2024, aimed at consumers in Italy, Austria, Germany and Poland.

The contest aimed to promote the new trekking collection and strengthen the bond with consumers by involving them in a unique experience: a trekking adventure in fascinating locations with workshops on nature and technical lessons on mountain safety.

How Salewa’s international contest works

The prize competition involved the awarding of prizes with a final draw for consumers from Italy, Austria and Germany, while in Poland the winners were selected by a jury.

To participate, users had to:

  • connect to the promotion site
  • register with the required personal data and
  • answer certain questions correctly

Only for consumers who participated from Poland was an open-ended question proposed, asking them to describe the most beautiful trekking experience they have had.

The prizes for the winners

All winners of Salewa’s international prize competition will have the opportunity to take part in a unique trekking adventure with expert guides that will also include workshops on Alpine flora and fauna and lessons on mountain safety techniques.

In addition, each of them will receive exclusive products from the new trekking collection: a Puez backpack, a Puez Hemp hat and a Valsura water bottle.


Among all the entries received, 30 lucky winners have been drawn who will be able to participate in the Salewa – WE_AR* NATURE event to be held from 12 to 13 June in Cortina d’Ampezzo.

Austria and Germany

Among all the entries received, 50 winners were drawn with randomising software who will be the protagonists of the Salewa event – WE_AR* NATURE event that will take place in Weißbach bei Lofer in Austria, next 7 and 8 June.


The winners were selected by a Jury that assessed the texts written by the participants in response to the open question and will choose the 50 winners who will experience the adventure of the Salewa – WE_AR* NATURE event that will take place at Babia Gora national park in Poland, on June 12 and 13.

International competitions

When planning an international contest, you need to consider that the rules vary from country to country. So you may not be able to use the same mechanism in all the nations involved.

The regulations are different and while in some countries it is possible to organize contests governed by luck, skill or tied to purchases, in others there may be specific restrictions.

In the case of Salewa’s international prize competition, for example, in Poland it was decided to use a different mechanism because to carry out contests governed by luck, in this country it is necessary to carry out very long and complex procedures.

In cases like this, therefore, a specialised foreign competitions agency can suggest an alternative mechanism that will still allow you to hold your contests in full compliance with local regulations, your budget and your schedule.

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