The Valdo contest: a prize-promotion in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

The Valdo contest: how to participate and prizes

“Party Kit and a trip to Italy to a destination of your choice are the prizes of this promotion

Valdo, a leading winery in the Prosecco Superiore DOCG area, has organised the Valdo prize-promotion in Switzerland, Germany and Austria with an Instant Win mechanism and final draw to strengthen its image profile and promote its products on the international market, in addition to collecting new contacts for its database.

The Valdo contest: how to participate and prizes

Participation is free: just connect to the website of to register with your data and answer the questions in order to play.

The Valdo contest: a prize-promotion in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

All participants have the chance to win one of the Valdo party kits in the Instant Win phase, even if they do not answer the questions correctly.
Each Kit consists of a bottle bucket, a set of 6 glasses and a stopper for the bottle.

All those who, regardless of the outcome of the Instant Win, have answered at least 2 questions correctly, will also participate in the final draw of a weekend in Italy to a destination that the winner can choose.

Choosing the right prize for a prize-competition

Choosing the prize is one of the most delicate aspects of a contest as it has a significant impact on the success or otherwise of the promotional initiative.

In this case, the choice made by the company allows it to strengthen the bond with its audience and loyalty to the brand too as well as being perfectly consistent with the promotion.

In addition, leaving the possibility for the winner to choose the destination of the prize trip offers a level of customisation that further enriches its value in the eyes of the consumer.

When a contest is aimed at foreign countries, the choice of the prize must take into account regulatory aspects but also cultural and logistical ones.

Do you have doubts about the right prize for your contest? Contact us to analyse your promotion together and make the best choice.

Organise free prize promotions

A significant part of the prize-promotions that are organized in Italy and abroad do not require the consumer to buy a product to participate.

Promoters organise contests without purchases to achieve objectives such as promoting their brand to a new audience or expanding their database of contacts who will be targeted in subsequent marketing campaigns.

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