How to organise a prize-draw or -competition in Switzerland

How to organise a prize-draw or -competition in Switzerland

Draws or competitions with purchase are allowed in Switzerland but are subject to various constraints

As we have explained in previous articles, we must keep in mind that each country has its own rules and that these can change over the years following the evolution of society and sometimes of technology.

In the case of Switzerland, in particular, the legislation now allows a type of promotion that until a few years ago was prohibited: that of draws and purchases of the product.

Let’s see how the rules have changed and how it is possible today to organise this type of prize-competition.

The good news: draws and contests with purchase are no longer prohibited in Switzerland

Until 2019, draws and competitions with purchase were not allowed in Switzerland.

In order to organize a contest with the purchase of the product promoted to participate, it was also necessary to provide a “free entry route” mode, to offer the same chances of winning even to those who had not bought the product.

Competitions with purchase today: the constraints

From 2019, therefore, it has been possible to organise draws and competitions aimed only at those who buy the product that is the object of the promotion, but in order to organise it, it is necessary to comply with specific conditions.

  1. The competition must have a short duration
  2. Its purpose not be to encourage sales
  3. It must not lead to the risk of inducing excessive gambling
  4. Participation is linked to the purchase of the goods or services promoted, there must be no other expenses for participants
  5. Products or services must be offered at prices in line with or below market value. In these cases, the “free entry route” is not mandatory, although it is still customary to offer it.

A point not to be overlooked

Another aspect to always keep in mind when organising a prize draw in this country is that not belonging to the European Union, EU directives such as, for example, those on e-commerce, do not apply in Switzerland.

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