Digital Advent Calendars: engage your audience whenever and wherever you want!

With a Digital Advent Calendar you can offer new entertainments every day: games, discounts, quizzes, surveys, information and much more!

Digital Advent Calendars: engage your audience

Games, discounts, quizzes, surveys, information ….. offer new entertainments every day

The market for Digital Advent Calendars has grown a lot in recent years and today you can find them for all tastes! From traditional chocolates to make-up products, from alcoholic drinks to games for children, from scented candles to household products and lots more.

The market for Digital Advent Calendars has developed and today there are many companies that choose this formula to engage and retain consumers.

With a Digital Calendar, you can always diverse content for a period of your choice depending on your goal and budget.

What you can offer in a Digital Advent Calendar

Here are some examples of what you can offer:

  • games such as memory, puzzle, word searche, slide and match, hidden objects and so many others!
  • vouchers, discounts or discount vouchers to collect online or in store;
  • quizzes against the clock to challenge your target audience to answer questions on general themes or specific interests;
  • video quizzes – watch a video and answer the questions;
  • surveys to collect important information about your customers or prospects;
  • informative content in videos, ebooks and white papers to make your products or services known.

You can activate a Digital Advent Calendar together with your partners, as for example Fattore Mamma has done, or insert it into a broader marketing strategy as in the case of Luce Beauty.

Digital Advent Calendar: a flexible tool

Thanks to its flexibility, a Digital Calendar can

  • have any duration;
  • offer the content combination that best suits your goal;
  • match your corporate image thanks to the ability to customise texts, graphics and colours;
  • leverage Facebook, TikTok and Instagram, using posts and stories to increase visibility and engagement.

To boost participation you can also match a prize-draw to your Calendar rewarding those who open a certain number of boxes, for example.

There are many opportunities offered by a Digital Calendar! Read our article Ideas and tips for creating your own Digital Advent Calendar to learn more.

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