Ideas and tips for creating your digital Advent Calendar

Ideas and tips for creating your digital Advent Calendar

Offer a new surprise every day to gain prospects and customers

Do you want to offer your followers, prospects or customers an engaging and original marketing campaign for Christmas or other times of year? 

Create a digital Advent Calendar!

Consumers today are demanding and they expect new initiatives to entertain and amuse them!

Invite your visitors to come and discover a new surprise every day: a promotion, a voucher, a video, exclusive content, a game, or a competition ….. 

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok… Your social media accounts will make a great sounding board for your digital Advent Calendar!

The benefits you can get with a digital Advent Calendar

  1. Present your products in an original and engaging way
  2. Capture and keep your audience tied to you for as long as you want
  3. Engage your audience on your online channels (website, social media, mobile apps, etc.) and offline (in-store via tablets, etc.)
  4. Keep your audience loyal by encouraging them to return to your channels every day to discover a new surprise
  5. Convert your prospects into customers by giving away discount vouchers or coupons
  6. Increase traffic online or in-store


5 ideas for your digital Advent Calendar

IDEA #1 You can combine your promotional initiative with a competition with small freebies every day or a final draw of a large prize for all those who open a certain number of windows.

IDEA #2 You can offer a challenge every day in which only users who perform a certain action or respond correctly to a quiz can compete to win a prize.

IDEA #3 To increase footfall in your physical stores you can offer an online gaming formula that provides for the delivery of the prize in-store.

IDEA #4 You can also create a digital Advent Calendar to give visibility to your partners’ products or services by offering them a space to present themselves and offer an engaging activity every day.

IDEA #5 You can take advantage of your digital Calendar to collect valuable information about your users and profile them for your subsequent marketing activities.


The promotion lasts as long as you decide

Your digital Advent Calendar doesn’t have to last throughout the month of December. 

You can engage and entertain your audience for as long as you want, even just for a few days. 

The activities you offer can also vary, they can be pure entertainment or informative, depending on your objective.


The Advent Calendar is perfect, not just for Christmas

Don’t make the mistake of tying this type of promotion just to the Christmas period. 

The digital Advent Calendar formula can be offered for any event and can have any duration.

It can be a great way to: 

  • launch a new product 
  • keep the attention of the audience high before or during a physical event or online
  • involve fans in an upcoming sporting event 
  • create expectations for the release of a new film
  • present the products of your new collection in an original way.


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