Discounts and promotions are underway, for companies Christmas 2022 is already here

Worldwide, companies are bringing forward Christmas discounts and promotions, even more aggressively this year than in previous years.

Christmas 2022 is already here

To meet the needs of families, promotions and discounts have already begun

Worldwide, companies are bringing forward Christmas discounts and promotions, even more aggressively this year than in previous years.

Christmas sales for many companies account for half of the year’s turnover and, at a time filled with uncertainties like the one we are experiencing, it is not surprising that they are starting their campaigns even earlier than usual.

Christmas 2022

If last year the recommendation was to buy in advance to avoid possible delays in deliveries due to slowdowns in international shipments. This year it is family budgets that are worrying companies.

From a consumer point of view taking advantage of discounts and promotions in advance allows to spread expenses over a longer period.

From the companies’ point of view, it offers opportunities to plan ahead and increase sales by taking advantage of the consumer’s feeling of “making a good deal”. It often leads them to buy more than they had expected.

Christmas promotions: ideas and suggestions

Our advice is to start as soon as possible with targeted campaigns using all the promotional tools available to accommodate families:

  • cashback campaigns
  • satisfaction or money back
  • options involving prizes
  • digital Advent Calendars

Both in Italy and abroad, there are many opportunities to create promotions that meet consumers’ needs, here are our suggestions.

#1 Cashback

Cashback is popular nowadays and it is part of the savings strategies of many families.

The advantage of seeing part of the money spent being returned is what has always made it a winner, even more so at a time when concerns about the costs of goods and services are so strong.

From a marketing point of view, cashback is a flexible tool. You can use it in various ways:

  • Through affiliation platforms or as an initiative of a single company
  • for digital purchases or in physical stores
  • to entice the purchase of products, but also services

One of the most important components is undoubtedly the platform for requesting refunds which must be simple and accessible from all devices.

Transparency regulations, customer service, document verification and reimbursement management are just some of the aspects to handle in the best way to create a quality cashback.

#2 Satisfaction or Money back

For consumers, knowing that they can get their money back if a product does not meet expectations is an effective motivator in the purchasing decision process. The awareness that they will be able to return an asset without constraints and, above all, the certainty that they can receive back the money spent if they are not satisfied, is an important incentive to make a purchase.

On the other hand, the company that proposes Satisfaction or Money back demonstrates care for the customer and confidence in the quality of their products.

  • Prepare the extended warranty clause;
  • Activate a customer service;
  • Receive and verify the integrity of the products that are returned;
  • Manage the refunds.

These are some of the operational activities that we must manage to organize a Money back campaign.

#3 Gift with Purchase Promotion

With a gift with purchase promotion it is possible to give a gift to everyone:

  • You can deliver the gift at the time of purchase or later;
  • The gift be free or you can request a financial contribution;
  • You can award for a single purchase or through the collection of a certain number of points or stamps.

In any case with a prize operation everyone is rewarded. Who does not like to receive a gift? đŸ˜‰

These initiatives are much loved by consumers and companies use them to strengthen the link with their target market by:

  • offering accessory products to complete their purchase,
  • giving them the opportunity to test other products of the same brand
  • encouraging them to buy repeatedly, through collecting loyalty points.

Initiatives involving prizes must be organised according to the rules established for local regulations on prize promotions, which in different countries require specific obligations for this type of promotional initiative.

#4 Digital Advent Calendars

Digital Advent Calendars have become very popular in recent years thanks to their practicality.

They allow companies to offer their target audience content ranging from discounts to product information, from games to video content, from surveys to quizzes, combining the content at will for as long as is wanted.

You can choose the duration, graphics and activities tof the advent calendar. It is also possible to create a custom experience for your audience that entertains, engages, informs and rewards them. All with times and costs significantly lower than a traditional calendar!

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Prize-draws and -competitions: an evergreen idea that encourages participation

To all these activities it is also possible to link prize-draws and -competitions to win a prize.

By giving away an object or a service in line with the wishes of the target market, you can get a high level of involvement even without giving away luxury cars or cruises around the world.

Shopping sessions with personal shoppers from the sector, little gadgets created specifically for the draw or competition and even classic autographed t-shirts: to choose the right prize and truly reach the heart of your target market, motivating them to participate, you need a careful analysis of their desires.

Christmas is coming, contact us now to design the right promotion for you!