Gift with Purchase Promotions: the pleasure of receiving a secure gift

Objectives, critical issues and successful experiences of gift with purchase promotions

In a gift with purchase promotion, a prize is awarded to anyone who buys or sells a product or service. It could also be necessary to purchase multiple products, including at different times, to obtain the prize; common examples of gift with purchase promotions of this type are loyalty cards and short collections.

Why organise a gift with purchase promotion?
Gift with purchase promotions are very effective marketing tools to give visibility to the brand and increase sales of its products or services. In addition, with a gift with purchase promotion companies can:

  • keep consumers loyal with initiatives such as short collections and loyalty cards, to create a lasting bond and a purchasing habit
  • strengthen the bond with the customer with the gift of additional products or branded accessories, following a purchase, to make their memory of the brand even more positive
  • motivate employees, sales force and distributors with incentivisation campaigns that aim to improve performance to achieve the results established by the promoter and, therefore, to obtain rewards.

Critical issues of a gift with purchase promotion
What scares promoters who organise a gift with purchase promotion the most is that the promotional initiative can be only too successful, more than planned, generating an over-redemption exceeding the campaign budget, perhaps quite significantly. In order to prevent this situation, so-called “risk insurers”, agencies specialised in risk management services for gift with purchase promotions, should be engaged.

Gift with purchase promotions in Italy and abroad: case histories
Both in Italy and abroad, gift with purchase promotions are among the most popular promotional initiatives among consumers. Here are the successful experiences of some of our clients:

Angelini Beauty has organised several gift with purchase promotions to increase sales of its perfume products. The initiatives also aimed to thank consumers for their purchase, thus strengthening the link with their favourite brand. Angel Schlesser, Blumarine, Trussardi and Laura Biagiotti are some of the leading brands in the company’s gift with purchase promotions.

The arena gift with purchase promotion aimed to increase the visibility and sales of the arena BodyLift line in Italy, France and Germany. Upon purchase of a costume from the promoted line, all consumers received at the same time a complimentary clutch bag in ‘Sensitive Fabrics’ material certified “LYCRA® BEAUTY”.

In the case of Alessi‘s “GIFTS FROM THE DREAM FACTORY” initiative active in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, the promoter planned, just for customers of the latter country, a gift with purchase promotion to thank them for their purchase.

Incentivisation campaigns: case histories

Incentivisation campaigns can be aimed at various target markets: employees, salespeople, retailers, dealers and distributors both in Italy and abroad.

Lucart, for example, launched an incentivisation campaign called “Tree Challenge” strongly linked to the theme of social sustainability, fundamental for the company. The sales incentivisation campaign for EcoNatural-line products was aimed at salespeople employed at Lucart distributors in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Hungary.

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