Lucart holds “Tree Challenge”, the sales incentivisation campaign with a focus on sustainability

Lucart holds “Tree Challenge”, the sales incentivisation campaign with a focus on sustainability

The initiative is addressed to sellers operating in the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Hungary

The importance of sustainability for Lucart

Incentivisation is based on the concept of a circular economy that Lucart developed as a result of a strong accent on sustainability. The focus is on alternative raw materials developed as part of an ambitious research programme.

Thanks to this, the Natural project is launched with the aim of recovering all the materials contained in Tetra Pak®-type drinks cartons and with clear environmental benefits: recovery of waste materials, protection of trees and reduction of CO₂ emissions.

As for the trees, the major players in this campaign, this project allowed Lucart to spare 2.3 million trees in the period 2013-2019, equivalent to an area exceeding 8000 football pitches.

How the incentivisation campaign works

During the period of validity of the campaign, sellers can record the number of sales of the promoted products achieved on the dedicated site. Based on a conversion table, the sales generated help save trees that add up to a score earned over time.

On reaching certain thresholds, the user can request one or more of the prizes in the catalogue dedicated to the initiative.

What’s new in this edition is the introduction, in certain months of the campaign, of accelerators that allow you to double, triple or quadruple the accumulated points.

Like last year, the awards offered all have characteristics of sustainability in line with the campaign objective. These include various cruelty-free accessories produced from recycled and sustainable materials, smartphones produced with recycled materials and from fair trade sources, and electric scooters.

Organising an incentivisation campaign: our tips
When we talk about incentivisation campaigns we refer to those initiatives that aim to improve the performance of employees and/or collaborators or to incentivise trade and/or the sales force through actions aimed at motivating people and rewarding the best results achieved.

These initiatives focus on boosting the individual’s commitment to contribute to the success of the company that derives both economic benefits and greater involvement and dedication of resources, both internal and external.

The objective of an incentivisation campaign can be:

  • to increase general sales or specific products or services,
  • to improve the level of customer service
  • to improve knowledge of the company’s sales range by people.

To achieve optimal results, these campaigns should be accessible and attractive to as large a target audience as possible. This is why it is essential that the mechanism is simple and intuitive, and that access to the campaign is always available including with personal devices.

It is also essential that these campaigns offer motivational rewards that encourage participation. Awards that allow you to share your professional success with family or friends, such as trips, exclusive dinners or participation in events, are highly appreciated. Another aspect to consider when choosing awards is the entry into the world of work of the new generations, such as millennials, who have different interests and tastes than in the past.

As in draws and competitions, so too in incentivisation campaigns it is very important to choose prizes that gratify the recipient by touching their emotions in order to create loyalty.

To learn more about how to organise an incentivisation campaign, contact us!