“Advent Calendar – Luce Beauty” – Online Calendar and Instagram Contest

“Advent Calendar – Luce Beauty" - Online Calendar and Instagram Contest

Luce Beauty set itself several goals in this campaign

Luce Beauty is a totally clean beauty line of Skincare, organic and with ingredients of natural origin.

Objective of the contest

Luce Beauty set itself several goals in this campaign: 

  1. increasing brand visibility 
  2. creating customer loyalty
  3. strengthening user engagement on social media channels
  4. increasing product sales through the online shop

In order to achieve these objectives, it decided to implement its promotion in several initiatives.

Analysis of the promotion

Let’s see together how Luce Beauty structured its promotion, starting with the objectives it wanted to achieve.

1. To increase the visibility of the brand, Luce Beauty organised an Instagram contest that asked users to post a contribution on their own profile to participate.
In particular, the theme of this initiative was “all of us are beautiful precisely for what we are” ,the request was therefore to post a photo without filters to display their natural beauty accompanied by the hashtag #IosonoLuce.
The choice of the winners was made by a jury that evaluated the photos on the basis of the criteria established in the regulations: consistency with the theme, originality of the photo and the emotions evoked. 10 winners were identified and rewarded with Best Seller Luce special packages.

2. To promote customer loyalty, it created an Advent Calendar available both on the website and on Instagram Stories. From December 1st to 24th, every day the user found new dedicated content.

3. To strengthen user engagement on its social media channel, Luce Beauty asked users to post a comment to the post of the initiative with the hashtag #shareyourbrightside.
Among all the comments posted, 3 winners were drawn by lot who were awarded the Luce Beauty Routine boxes.

4. To increase the sales of its products through the online shop, Luce Beauty launched a contest with a final draw from all those who made a purchase of at least €10. 
The winner was awarded a voucher worth €500.00.

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