Digital advent calendar: share the leadup to Christmas with your audience

Digital advent calendar: share the leadup to Christmas

Create an advent calendar full of competitions and games with our MultiGame solution!

To allow you to collect new contacts for your database, increase the visibility of your brand and entertain your audience with a new activity every day, we have designed a special package for the Christmas period.

With the MultiGame solution you can create a digital advent calendar which will engage and entertain your audience with competitions, discounts, quizzes, games or polls for as many days as you want.

At the end, you can also provide a final draw of a super prize for all those who have opened a certain number of windows on your calendar.

In addition, the calendar will offer you many great opportunities to liven up your presence on social media channels and keep your followers engaged with posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram.

Fully customisable in its duration, graphics and choice of activities on offer, our MultiGame package allows you to quickly organise a promotion that your audience loves on an affordable budget.

The MultiGame package for the digital advent calendar

After registering for the first time, users will be able to access a new activity directly and easily every day. They will be welcomed by a completely personalised environment, both in the graphics of the landing page and in the typesetting and presentation of the games and texts.

Memory games, puzzles, find the words, find the hidden objects, minefield: the choice of games available in the package allows you to offer a wide range of entertainment that can alternate with discounts for your customers, downloadable information, tutorials or whatever you want to maintain the attention of your target audience.
A final draw can be the icing on the cake and a strong motivation to make your users return many times. 

A social media campaign to support the promotion will allow you to maximise results, getting excellent visibility and engagement that will make you stand out from the competition. 

On the other hand, If you want to organise a contest on Instagram quickly and at an affordable price, contact us to learn more about our Mention&Hashtag and Photo Funny packages.

🎄 To learn more and to organise your Advent Calendar, contact us!