Promosfera responds: your questions about prize-draws and -competitions in Dubai

Useful information for organising prize-draws and -competitions in Dubai

“Promosfera responds” is a series of short interviews in which our team respond to questions that clients most often ask us about prize-draws and -competitions in different countries around the world.

Today we speak with Martina Fumagalli, Promosfera’s International Project Manager, who explains for us how the involvement of influencers is regulated in Dubai and what is the maximum permitted duration of a prize-draw or -competition there.

Is it possible to involve influencers in prize-draws and -competitions in Dubai?

Yes, it is possible to involve influencers in competitions held in the territory of the Arab Emirate of Dubai, provided that they are in possession of a licence that allows them to operate in the territory.
In 2018, the National Media Council (NMC) issued directives aimed at influencers residing in the United Arab Emirates.
In order to use social media channels to promote or sell products, they must first obtain a special licence.
This licence can be obtained independently or through specialist agencies certified by the NMC, which will apply for it on their behalf.
Promoters who wish to involve influencers in launching or sponsoring their activities in Dubai must ensure that they are in possession of a regular licence in line with the Emirate directives.

Is there a maximum duration for a prize-draw or -competition in Dubai?

In this Emirate, promotions cannot be very long, at most they can last two months.  To organise promotions, you must request a permit which should expressly indicate the duration of the activity.
If you want to organise longer promotions, the Department of Economic Development, the authority that controls promotions in the Emirate, insists that you must apply for more than one permit.
Only in exceptional cases can one-year-long promotions be organised, provided that winners are selected every two months.

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