PromoGame: choose the right mini-game for a successful competition

PromoGame: choose the right mini-game for a successful competition

Inform, reward and entertain your customers with an original PromoGame promotion!

With a PromoGame, a promotion with an online game, you promote your brand in an innovative and fun way by offering your target audience a mini-game that informs them about your products or services and challenges them to win a prize in a fun and interactive way.

Here you will find the available PromoGame mini-games from which to choose the most suitable one to achieve your goal.

  • Word searches
  • Puzzles
  • Memory games
  • Hidden objects
  • Quizzes against the clock
  • Match it
  • Slide and Match

Word searches

Challenge your target audience to find all the hidden words before time runs out! The gaming environment can be completely customised and the words to search for can concern a theme related to your brand or the product you want to promote.

Participant data collection
To create a bit of competition between the participants, you can make the ranking visible with all the scores obtained by the players, subject to participants filling out a registration form. Discounts or vouchers can be offered to those who register.


Challenge your target audience to solve a theme puzzle as quickly as possible. You can choose the image of the puzzle and enrich the gaming environment with your logo or the colours of your brand.

Participant data collection
Enriching the mini-game with a contest with a final draw of one or more special prizes will entice them to sign up asking users to provide their data and you can choose to offer a free discount or voucher to everyone who signs up.


Challenge your audience to a memory game, with personalised cards with images and messages about your products.

Participant data collection
In this case too you can associate the mini-game to a contest with final extraction of one or more special prizes. More kinds of mini-games that allow you to collect participant data by associating a prize-competition with a final draw or a free discount or voucher are:

Hidden objects

Challenge your target audience to find all hidden objects in the image within a time limit. You can choose an image that represents the promoted product and add details and objects that force your audience to look long and hard!

Timed quizzes

Challenge your audience to answer all questions correctly, as quickly as possible.
Participants receive points for each correct answer and bonus points for the time spent: the faster they are, the more points they will earn!

Timed quizzes can be of two different types:

  • Points quiz showing a set of questions and a final score when the user has completed the game
  • Elimination quiz where users lose as soon as they give a wrong answer.

To participate in the challenge and know your score and position in the ranking, the user must register.

If you want to give users the opportunity to participate multiple times, you can have questions and answers displayed in a different order each time.

Match it

Challenge your audience in a matching game in which they must identify the pairs of cards in relation to each other.
Customize the back of the cards with your logo and the front with features, information or images of the promoted product and choose a level of difficulty consistent with the audience you are targeting.

Slide and Match

Challenge your audience in a (now) classic Puzzle Match 3 completely customized with icons that recall your brand and/or your products. Users earn points based on the time and combinations they can find.
You can increase the difficulty as you go and reduce the time available to make it more and more challenging!

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