Play with Manila Grace to win a Jasmine bag

Manila Grace PromoGame customer story

Complete the mini-game to receive a discount and participate in the final draw

Manila Grace challenged its audience to a mini-game to present their products in a different way than usual by exploiting the potential of PromoGame.

With this initiative, Manila Grace aimed to promote its brand and increase public engagement on its social media channels.

The “Find Hidden Objects” mini-game

The Manila Grace mini-game took place in a personalised environment to make the participant feel part of the world of the brand.

The image chosen by the promoter for the mini-game presented a room where different models of bags of the brand were placed.

The user had a maximum time within which they had to identify all the “hidden” products.

All those who participated in the game received a 20% discount voucher valid online and in stores participating in the initiative, and automatically acquired the right to participate in the draw of the 3 final prizes.

How the promotional initiative worked

From 16 April to 1 May 2022, all those connecting to the site dedicated to the promotion, after entering their data, could participate in the timed mini-game. 

  • The immediate sending to everyone of a discount for the purchase of their products;
  • The final draw of a special prize.

Finishing the game allowed you to immediately receive the discount voucher by email and to automatically participate in the final draw of the 3 Jasmine bags on offer. 

Why organise a mini-game

Organising a mini-game gives you the opportunity to engage your audience in a different promotional activity than usual, an entertainment that delights them and, at the same time, informs them about your brand and your products.

Each participant in the game can receive a discount code, coupon or promotional information and, if you also associate a contest with a final draw, you can give them the chance to win a prize.

With PromoGame you can achieve several goals: promoting your brand and products or launching something new, entertaining your audience or informing or educating them on specific topics.

The use of a mini-game is a great way to capture and engage audiences of any age group: the content, game time and all the elements that determine the difficulty of execution can, in fact, be defined depending on the objective and who is the target audience you want to reach.

The gaming environment can be completely customised to give the user an experience perfectly consistent with the image of your brand.

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