4 new mini-games for your online contests featuring gamification

4 nuovi minigame per i tuoi concorsi online con gamification

With the new online mini-games for your promotions, you can engage your audience and achieve your marketing goals

The range of online games for your “PromoGame” contests has grown again: the catalogue has been enhanced with 4 new mini-games to offer engaging challenges for your consumers.

The 4 new mini-games that we have added to PromoGame are:

  • Word shuffle – a sort of treasure hunt through the letters
  • Crossword – finally in a digital version and no longer just paper-based so you can do it everywhere!
  • The Tower – the challenge to build a tower, block by block
  • Prediction – perfect for sporting or musical events

In addition to these 4 new features you can choose one of the many other mini-games already available such as puzzles, memory and Smack it (the beloved Whac-A-Mole) for your new contests and promotions.

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Why choose PromoGame?

The strength of our PromoGame suite lies in the speed of activation and customisation of the games with the layout and look and feel of your brand.

You can activate a promotion with online “PromoGame” mini-games in Italy and abroad: this expands your range of action and engages an international audience.

Want more mini-games in a single promotion promotion? Of course! All the mini-games can be offered within a within a “MultiGame” promotion. You can then arrange a promotion that requires you to participate in different games during a certain period of time, such as a digital advent calendar.

How do the new PromoGame Crossword puzzles, The Tower, Predictions and Word Shuffle work?

CROSSWORD puzzle: Engage consumers in an exciting challenge

Entertain your audience and increase their time on your website or blog with a fully customised crossword puzzle:

  • choose the questions / definitions for your crossword puzzle
  • set a maximum time within which to complete the game and the difficulty level (you can help players by making some letters already visible from the beginning of the game and indicate in real time if the letters entered are correct or wrong to help in the resolution or the game 😉)
  • customise the mini-game site with your brand, the logo, colours and the layout of your brand

The Crossword PromoGame therefore becomes a powerful (and fun!) tool to actively engage your audience and increase interaction with your brand.

What promotional activity should be linked to a “Crossword” mini-game?

Obviously the crossword puzzle is a real classic! Organise a digital crossword puzzle to entertain your users: offer everyone who completes the game a voucher and draw, the winner to be awarded a special prize.

THE TOWER: test your reflexes!

The Tower is a skilled game whose objective is to stack the blocks that scroll across the screen to build the tallest tower possible. It’s a really addictive challenge for your users: they will have to carefully stack the blocks, otherwise your tower is in danger of collapsing! Players interact with your brand throughout the game as they test their reflexes.

We can then decide whether to increase the difficulty of the game as the user progresses, with the speed of the blocks gradually accelerating and the game time slowly reducing.

For this mini-game too, the design and graphics of the game can be customised in line with your corporate image or they can adapt to whatever campaign that you want to promote.

As with the other mini-games, to encourage participation in the game, you can combine “The Tower” with:

  • a prize-draw
  • a delivery of discount vouchers
  • sending dedicated digital content

Ideas for creating an online “Tower mini-game”

Don’t limit your imagination: the tower that users have to build can be built of anything!

From a birthday cake to be created (you can celebrate your business’s anniversary for example!) to a tower made of made of books! We can customise every graphical aspect of the game to make it 100% dedicated to your brand.

PREDICTIONS: make your prediction

Ask your target audience to guess the results of a football match, an Olympic competition or the winners of the next Oscars. Show the predictions on a scoreboard and organise a contest in which the winner or winners will be chosen from those who guessed right.

Invite participants to contact their friends to broaden the challenge and gain more visibility. Choose from a wide range of question types and layouts: open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, assessments …. You can also enhance your questions with photos, gifs and videos.

Why organise a “Predictions” mini-game?

Here are some reasons to organise a “Predictions” mini-game:

  1. Public involvement: Predictions offers an innovative and fun way to make users feel engaged and participating
  2. Generation of qualified leads
  3. Promotion opportunities: you can integrate Predictions into a larger promotional campaign, offering rewards and incentives for participants to generate more interest.

WORD SHUFFLE: discover the hidden word or phrase

In the new Word Shuffle mini-game, the challenge for users is to discover a hidden word or phrase.

To get the most out of your promotion:

  • customise the mini-game with your logo and images of your products
  • set a time limit and level of difficulty based on the audience you are targeting
  • create a ranking of players based on the score achieved and share it on your social media channels to stimulate competition

To encourage participation and engage your target audience all the more, you can decide to distribute vouchers or coupons to all those who register to play, or you can organise a prize-draw and:

  • award the prize to the player who scored highest or 
  • draw one or more winners among all participants or among those who have obtained a predetermined minimum score.

For what holiday or event can you organise an online mini-game of the “Word Shuffle” type?

You can organise a PromoGame with the “Word Shuffle” game, for example, for

  • St Patrick’s Day

Ask questions about the holiday such as “What is the symbol associated with St. Patrick’s Day?”: Users will have to find the word “Shamrock”.

  • Easter

The words to be found through riddles could be “bunny”, “eggs”, “chocolate” or “spring”.

Contact us to learn more about PromoGame and find the perfect mini-game for your next promotion!