Improve brand awareness and engagement with a contest or sweepstakes

Improve brand awareness and engagement with a contest

Find out which promotional activities allow you to achieve the best results

Improve brand awareness and engagement with a contest or sweepstakes: Invite consumers to connect with you and build a relationship with your brand by offering a chance to win a prize in return.

How? Offer engaging activities that focus on fun but, at the same time, make your brand and products known.

By organising these activities you can:

  • promote yourself to a new audience
  • make your products known in a more exciting way
  • entertain consumers
  • create  regular appointments
  • collect information on consumer tastes and habits
  • direct the consumer to the right product for them
  • build a community of fans

Which promotion to organise to achieve your goal

The promotions that, based on our experience, allow you to achieve these results effectively are:

  • PromoGame
  • Quizzes & surveys
  • Contests on your social media

Let’s look in detail at these types of promotional initiatives and what objectives they allow you to achieve.



If your goal is

  • Entertaining your customers and
  • Informing consumers about the features of your products
  • Keeping users coming back multiple times to your site or social media channels

then PromoGame is the promotional initiative for you, whether you are targeting Italian or foreign audiences.

PromoGame consists of a promotion with online minigames that allows you to engage your users in various ways.

Thanks to a customised play area both in the text and in graphics, you can create a promotion tailored to your brand and your target audience! Challenge consumers in mini-games like Word Search, Memory, Hidden Objects, Match it, and Slide and Match, An example of PromoGame? In this image, you can see the game environment of the minigame “Find the Hidden Objects” organised by Manila Grace, featuring the brand’s bags.


You can also choose the difficulty level of the game so that it is fun but also challenging for the audience you are targeting. If you want, you can also make the ranking of the participants’ results visible to encourage competition, taking advantage of your social media channels to promote the challenge.

A promotion of this type can be combined with the distribution of vouchers or discount vouchers that encourage purchases and a prize contest with a final draw to encourage consumers to play to play even more.

The Manila Grace initiative provided for the immediate assignment of discount codes to those who managed to solve the minigame and the right to participate in the final draw of the bags that featured in the game.

Quizzes & surveys


If the objectives to reach are

  • to collect information on consumer tastes and
  • to persuade the participant to purchase the right product for them

then the best choice is to organise a Quiz or a survey.

One of the types that always works very well in this context is, for example, the typical personality test that allows you to collect information about the consumer and direct them, and motivate them, to buying the product that best suits their needs and preferences.

Again in this case, the environment is totally customisable in terms of graphics and the number and content of questions.

Contests on your social media to improve brand awareness and engagement

Concorsi a premio sui social media

To achieve objectives such as: 

  • Promoting your brand and productsto a new audience
  • Engaging and interacting with consumers
  • Stimulating users to create content about your brand and products
  • Creating an active community

then a social media contest is the right solution for a promotion in every country in the world!

The most popular and loved platforms are undoubtedly Instagram and TikTok.

Let’s see what opportunities and types of initiatives you can organise to achieve your goal.


On Instagram you can organise contests involving posts and reels or giveaways dedicated to Stories.

If your goal is to increasing interactions and, therefore, the visibility of your content, the ideal is to organise one of these two types of contests:

  • “CommentContest” if you choose to use post or reels
  • Respond to a Story if you want to take advantage of Stories.

In both cases, it will be sufficient to ask users to leave a comment or respond to stories published by the promoter to participate in the prize-competitions. The level of interaction with the post that will be created thanks to this stimulus will ensure that the content is detected by the Instagram algorithm as valuable and, therefore, becoming all the more visible.

If, on the other hand, your goal is to stimulate the creation of content by users that helps you promote your brand and your products to a wider audience, then you, can choose between

  • Mention&Hashtag on posts and reels
  • Post a story

By asking users to post their own contribution, you will get content perceived as more sincere that will also be seen by friends and contacts, greatly increasing your visibility.

In particular, the contests on Instagram Stories are achieving excellent results because this format immediately attracts the attention of users as soon as they access the social network and is more immersive and engaging thanks to the visual and graphic elements that can be used to enrich it.


For TikTok contests too, how consumers engage depends, first of all, on the goal you set:

  • Do you want to reach a wider audience and get more interactions with your content? Activate a “Comment on TikTok” contest that will help you make your TikTok go viral.
  • Do you want to increase your brand visibility thanks to the creation of content by users: the right solution is a “Publish a TikTok” contest to stimulate the creation of content related to your brand or your product that has the merit of being perceived by users as more genuine and engaging.

Instagram and TikTok contests: how to choose the winners

In prize-contests on Instagram and TikTok you can decide to declare the winners with:

•          A final draw among all participants: it is the most suitable solution when the participant is simply asked to comment or interact with your post;

•          A jury that chooses the best contributions based on the requirements indicated in the regulations: this method is ideal in the case of “Mention&Hashtag” and “Post a TikTok” competitions because it allows you to reward the most deserving content, enhancing the commitment of the participants.

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