Discover PromoGame: entertain and reward your target audience with a mini-game

Discover PromoGame: have fun and reward your target audience with a mini-game

A new, original and fully customisable way to interact with your target audience!

  • Are you looking for an interactive and engaging prize-draw?
  • An original way to entertain your target audience and at the same time inform them about your products?
  • Looking for a way to get them  to return to your site or your channels?

Organise a PromoGame: offer your target audience a mini-game that offers both information and images of your products and the opportunity to play and win a prize.

All in a custom environment in line with your image and where your brand and products can be part of the game

How PromoGame works

Starting from the goal you set, we plan your promotion together with the following steps:

#1 – the choice of the most suitable mini-game

you can choose between different mini-games:

  • Word searches
  • Puzzles
  • Memory games
  • Hidden objects
  • Quizzes against the clock
  • Match it
  • Slide and Match

Read our article on available minigames!

#2 – the customisation of the gaming environment

You can customise text and graphics to make sure the mini-game is in line with your corporate image.

The most interesting thing is that your products can become an integral part of the game, allowing you to promote them in a different way than usual.

You can select the level of difficulty of the game so that it is engaging and fun for the target audience and encourage competition by making the ranking of the results obtained by the participants visible, also taking advantage of your social channels.

#3 – the choice of how to award the prize(s) on offer

You can use a promotion like this to distribute discount codes or coupons to incentivise consumers to visit your site multiple times, for example, allowing multiple participation.
You can also match a prize-competition with a prize pool that encourages participation all the more.

Read about the experience of the Manila Grace prize-draw which chose a hidden object mini-game combined with the immediate release of discount codes to those who solved the game in addition to the right to participation in the final draw of a special prize: the product that was the protagonist of the game.

With PromoGame you can always create different promotions: try how it works live, play with our Demo!

Contact us to design your PromoGame together!