Mums, What a Great Advent: the Advent Calendar from Fattore Mamma with Kiabi and Clementoni

An online calendar and a prize-draw for Mums


An online calendar and a prize-draw for Mums

To accompany Mums towards Christmas, Fattore Mamma organised, with its partners KIABI and CLEMENTONI, the promotional initiative "Mums, What a Great Advent” , an online advent calendar and a prize-draw.

The online calendar consisted of 24 windows with contents dedicated to the two brands, KIABI and CLEMENTONI:

In short, every day brings something new to accompany the Fattore Mamma target audience and their partners with targeted and exclusive content at Christmas.

Not just an online Advent Calendar but also a prize-draw!

Fattore Mamma and its partners KIABI and CLEMENTONI decided to associate the online advent calendar with a prize-draw to engage users even more and to encourage them to open a new window every day.

For each open window, in fact, the user obtained an
an extra chance in the final draw.

This strategy proved itself a winner and the goal of
customer loyalty has been fully achieved: the majority of users visited the calendar several times to accumulate more chances of winning the final prizes.

Another lever that encouraged users to participate in the draw were the
prizes on offer: vouchers for the brand and boxes of babycare products, targeted prizes for the target audience and in line with the customer loyalty strategy underlying the promotional initiative.


The key factors in a successful online calendar

Advent Calendars are a must for the Christmas period but outside the festive period too, online calendars are gaining ground and are today among the most popular promotions for consumers.

The reasons for this success are undoubtedly related to:

These, along with the value of the prizes to be won, were the
key factors  in the success of the Fattore Mamma promotion.


Create a recurring appointment to build customer loyalty

With an online calendar you can offer many types of content in a single customised site: from graphics to the duration of individual activities, everything is based on the needs of the promoter.

Here are some examples of content that can be "hidden" under the various windows of the calendar:

           a new game or activity every day to entertain the public

           exclusive promotional codes

           vouchers for free shipping so as to encourage online purchases

           product information

           video content

           quizzes or surveys

As in the case of the Fattore Mamma Advent Calendar, it is also possible to associate a prize-draw aimed at all those who perform certain actions such as, for example, opening a minimum number of boxes, so as to encourage users to return to the site several times.

Organising a promotional activity like this is easier than you think thanks to our
MultiGame solution.

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