A successful gift with purchase promotion from Eurospin in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia

To boost sales on Saturdays, Eurospin focuses on collectibles

Eurospin Italia organised a gift with purchase promotion that also involved Eurospin Hrvatska in Croatia and EUROSPIN EKO in Slovenia, with the aim of increasing the visibility of its brand and boosting sales in its stores.

In carrying out this project, we collaborated with BrandLoyalty, an agency that designs, develops and implements loyalty solutions that help retailers around the world guide their customers’ consumption choices.

The promotional initiative, called Flash Heroes in Italy and Light Heroes in Croatia and Slovenia, has been very successful, confirming the public’s appreciation for initiatives that offer a gift for all.

Promotional mechanism
The gift with purchase promotion took place simultaneously in the three countries involved on Saturday 20 and 27 February and on Saturdays in March 2021. On those days, customers who spent €30 or more in Italy, €25 in Slovenia or 200 kr in Croatia received a collectible 3D character as a free gift.
The gift, which was given at the checkout at the same time as the payment was different on each day of the promotion.

Organising gift with purchase promotions
A gift with purchase promotion is a promotional initiative that involves the award of a prize to anyone who buys or sells a product or service.

In gift with purchase promotions, obtaining the prize can also be linked to the purchase of several products, including at different times, provided they are documented: a classic example is the award of prizes for points accumulated through a collection of stamps or points on a loyalty card.

Incentivisations, from a legal and compliance point of view, fall within the scope of gift with purchase promotions.

Any commercial or production company, supplier or distributor of goods or services can organise a gift with purchase promotion that is an extremely effective marketing tool and appreciated by the public.

Holding onto customers and making their relationship with the brand stronger, or giving new motivation to employees, distributors or retailers: whatever your objective is, a gift with purchase promotion will give you the opportunity to improve your brand’s relationship with the target audience in Italy and abroad.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the regulations governing prize promotions in over 40 countries around the world, we can manage your draws and competitions and your gift with purchase promotions in multiple countries at the same time if necessary, helping you achieve your business objectives.