PromoGame: a new mini-game for your promotions is coming!

PromoGame: arriva un nuovo minigame per le tue promozioni!

Discover “SMACK IT!”, the mini-game that tests your reflexes and speed

PromoGame is our online mini-game catalogue designed for your promotional activities.

Minigames allow you to promote yourself in a more engaging way, taking advantage of gamificationand interacting with your audience, letting them have fun!

The new “SMACK IT!” minigame for PromoGame has arrived

From today a new minigame is available: this is “SMACK IT!”, a Catch the Mole kind of game in which skill and reflexes are essential! Users must tap on items that appear randomly in a grid to score points: the faster you tap it, the more points you get.

The elements, like the whole game environment, can be customised and can also be your image or the image of your products.

The new “SMACK IT!” minigame for PromoGame

How to increase engagement

To make the challenge even more engaging, you can publish the ranking of the players with their best scores on your social media channels to involve your target in the game even more!

To make the game more engaging, you could encourage participation through different strategies. For example, distribute vouchers or discounts to everyone who completes the game, or make it even more exciting with a prize draw or competition!

One idea would be to put your product up for grabs, so as to attract players’ attention even more and make the experience even more interesting and interactive!

 Choose your own minigame!

 This new game adds to the minigames already available:

  • Word searches

The word game where players have to find hidden words in a grid

  • Puzzles and Memory games

Well, these do certainly do not need to be explained 😉

  • Hidden objects

The goal is to try to locate the various objects hidden inside an image.

  • Quizzes against the clock

A quiz where users have to answer questions within a time limit: a test of mental alertness and speed!

  • Match it

Players must find matches between pairs of items.

  • Slide and Match

The goal is to match elements in a grid by moving or swapping others.

Each mini-game can be customised both graphically, for a 100% customised game environment, and in terms of difficulty to be able to adapt to different target audiences.

5 Reasons to choose Promogame

Our mini-games are undoubtedly fun for the players but the main advantages you can get by organizing a PromoGame are:

Engagement: a minigame is a fun challenge that actively involves users and stimulates players’ competitiveness, encouraging them to participate.

Greater interaction: the use of contest mechanisms involving games or scores encourages participants to interact more with the activity and the brand.

An informed audience: include information about your products in the game to make them better known to your audience: this is an opportunity to communicate your brand in a creative and fun way.

Instant feedback: at the end of the game the user you immediately discovers the score obtained and this encourages you to improve your score!

Loyalty: Gamification can help you create a bond with your customers. By offering an engaging and rewarding experience, you build loyalty to your brand and encourage customers to participate in future contests and promotional initiatives!

Promotion and engagement: discover the potential of PromoGame

In conclusion, PromoGames not only ensure a fun and engaging gaming experience but also offer numerous benefits for your brand.

Being a powerful tool for loyalty and gratitude thanks to the active involvement of users, PromoGame is a winning choice to promote your brand in a creative and engaging way.

Contact us and discover the potential of PromoGame!