Ideas for a prize-competition for Mothers’ Day

Prize competition to celebrate Mothers’ Day, some ideas

Organise a promotion to celebrate Mothers’ Day in an original way

Do you know when Google registers the highest number of searches for “flowers”?
And which day sees the highest telephone traffic?

In both cases, the answer is Mothers’ Day

Showing respect, love and appreciation to our mothers should be something we do every day! However this celebration gives us the opportunity to do it in a special way.

An international festival

There is no doubt that this festival is very popular, just look at the list of countries that celebrate it.

Australia, Denmark, Finland, India, China, Japan, the Philippines, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Switzerland, Turkey, Canada, the United States, Belgium and other countries celebrate on the second Sunday in May. Other nations, on the other hand, celebrate it on different dates, such as Great Britain, Mexico and France. 

There are over 40 countries in the world that celebrate mothers with a day of celebration dedicated to them.
This festival can, therefore, also be a great opportunity to organise a prize-competition abroad.

A prize-competition for mothers’ day (and children)

To create an original Mothers’ Day prize-competition or a gift with purchase promotion, you need to focus on the emotions tied to this festival. Look at it from both the mothers’ and the children’s point of view. This festival can be a great opportunity to bring families closer to your brand and to create content on your social media channels that generates a lot of interaction.
Instagram and Facebook are perfect for a competition that allows you to engage your audience, collecting photographic or video contributions. 

Here are some ideas for promotions dedicated to Mothers’ Day.

Photo competitions

In addition to the classic photo of mother and child, challenge your audience with more particular requests! Perhaps related to your specific business:

  • Are you in travel? Ask your audience to post a photo of their nicest holiday spent together or of their mothers’ favourite place or where she dreams of going.
  • Are you in beauty? Invite them to post a photo of a mother and child who do their hair together, create a new look or do their make-up or nails.
  • Are you a fashion brand? Suggest posting a photo of your mother when she was younger to compare the fashion of the period with today’s fashion.
  • If you work in food, there is no doubt about the content you can ask for contributions on: Mum’s cooking is second to none! But you could also challenge your kids to cook something special to honour their mothers.
  • Do you produce food or accessories for children? Why not ask Mums to share something funny that their child has done, the nicest job they’ve had done for them or the most exciting moment of being a mother. Or a classic: recreate today a picture of when you were little!
  • Are you a sports brand? Then ask Mums to post a picture of training with their little athletes!

Video competitions

If you prefer to focus on video content to enrich your social media channels, you can ask your audience to:

  • share short messages with the “pearls of wisdom” they received from their own mothers
  • pload videos where mothers and children cook together using ingredients and products of your brand
  • ask them to tell you what they would like to tell their mother today if she were next to them
  • ask their mothers about dreams and expectations they had when they were young
  • how a shared training session, whether it’s yoga or their own exercises, the important thing is teamwork!

Gift with purchase promotions

Offering a gift is always appreciated by consumers, it makes them feel they get more value from their purchase:

  • give an object created specifically for this festival
  • help new parents equipping them with some of the essentials for caring for their children by offering your product in combination with other useful products or services
  • offer free shipping for the item you are promoting if it is an online sale
  • add discount vouchers for the purchase of other products, take the opportunity to offer mothers something on their Day and after it too

All these promotions can be organised everywhere in the world, respecting the specific regulations of each country.

The prize for a Mothers’ Day competition

Whether it is a product or an experience, the prize is nicer if it is shared.

Many companies choose to offer something that can be used or experienced together: from the classic SPA day for mothers and daughters to tickets to the theatre or other events, the prize offers another opportunity to be together and show affection and appreciation to their mothers.

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