Choose the right promotion to succeed

Here are all the promotional initiatives you can use

The promotional initiatives you can arrange are numerous! Promotions offer you the opportunity to re-establish or strengthen your relationship with the public.

Prize-draws and -competitions, gift with purchase promotions and also cashbacks, incentivisations, money-back guarantees, tester activities.

Here is a complete overview of the promotional initiatives most appreciated by consumers with insights.


If the prize is awarded based on skill or luck, it is referred to as a Prize-draw or -Competition respectively. The recipients of this type of promotional initiative can be end consumers as well as retailers, intermediaries, dealers, employees and many others.

The mechanisms can be very varied:

  • by phone or SMS;
  • online;
  • through social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram;
  • even with traditional postal delivery.

Draws and competitions are an effective tool to achieve many business objectives. Increasing awareness of your brand or product is a common goal of all promotional initiatives. To achieve this and other more targeted results you must organise prize-draws and -competitions that put in place the right mix of elements, ranging from the most suitable mechanism to the choice of prizes that your target audience wants to receive, to the use of the most suitable channels to achieve your goals.

Putting prize-draws and -competitions in your marketing strategy helps you:

  • increase visibility and engagement with your fans
  • improve sales
  • strengthen your positioning in different international markets
  • bring in new contacts for your database or subscribers to your newsletter
  • increase subscribers to your service
  • launch a new product or service
  • attract audiences to an event or to your sales stand
  • nvolve users in improving your product or service
  • create regular contact with your customers
  • encourage participation in an initiative
  • engage consumers in celebrating a milestone for your business


If the prize is those who buy or sell a particular product or service get the prize we are talking about a gift with purchase promotion.

To receive a prize, it may also be necessary to buy multiple products, perhaps at different times, documenting the purchase. This is what happens, for example, with loyalty cards or short collections that fall into this type of prize promotion.


If the consumer is given a refund of part of the expense of the purchase when a defined threshold is reached, then we are talking about Cashback.
This also includes the case in which the full amount is refunded, these are the so-called “try me for free” initiatives. The money is returned through a cheque, bank transfer or credit on the PayPal account, or is set aside as a spendable credit.
This type of promotional initiative can be applied to any product or service, it brings tangible benefits to the consumer and significant redemptions to the promoter.


If the objective of the activity is to encourage participants to improve their performance or to achieve defined quantitative and/or qualitative objectives through targeted actions, then we are talking about incentivisations.

These activities are aimed at, by way of example but not limited to, employees, the sales force, the trade or dealers with various objectives such as pushing sales of a product or service, encouraging training and improving customer interaction.


If the goal of the promotional initiative is to have your products tested to get consumer feedback and collect content and/or reviews, then this is a tester activity.
The brand usually select a target audience: costumers have to to express an opinion on the product, mostly through social media, in order to promote their knowledge of the brand.


An activity where the consumer is invited to buy a product, try it and if they are not satisfied to return it entire. This is a money-back guarantee promotion.
This kind of promotional initiative, aimed at end consumers, offers an extra ‘guarantee’ to the customer to encourage them in their purchase, because they have the possibility to try it and return it if not satisfied.

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