An incentivising campaign for installers in Italy, Spain and Poland from Fondital

Fondital has organised an incentivising campaign to work on strengthening sales and the relationship with its installers.

An incentivising campaign for installers in Italy, Spain and Poland from Fondital

To promote sales of its condensing boilers, Fondital focuses on tech gifts

Fondital is an international leader in heating systems, its products are recognised everywhere for their quality.

To promote the purchase of some of its condensing boiler models and to retain professional installers in Italy, Spain and Poland, Fondital organised a targeted incentivisation campaign in 2021.

How the incentivisation campaign worked

During the promotion period, all installers who had purchased one or more boilers covered by the campaign received a prize.

By sending a photo of the purchase invoice via whatsapp or email, installers received a gift according to the number of condensing boilers they had purchased.

Fondital communicated the promotion through communication materials displayed in participating stores and promoted it on its official social media channels.

Why organise an incentivisation campaign

 The objectives that drive a company to organise an incentivisation campaign can be various:

  • increasing sales, in general, or those of a specific product or product line
  • retaining the internal or external players who contribute to the commercial success of the company
  • improving end-customer satisfaction by offering a better service
  • ensuring that employees, distributors and/or dealers deepen their knowledge of the products on sale

The Fondital experience: the strongpoints

In the case of Fondital, the company has decided to work on strengthening the sales of a specific product line and on the relationship with its installers.

Let’s look in detail at the choices it made.

The prizes: technology and quality

To do this, it offered technical gifts, from the products preferred by consumers such as prizes for draws and competitions, as well as gift with purchase promotions.
In this case, the prizes are in line with the professional choices of Fondital installers who prefer cutting-edge and high-quality tech products.
Choosing attractive rewards for the target audience is one of the fundamental elements for the success of any promotional activity.

The method of participation: anytime, anywhere

Another element of success of the Fondital campaign was the simplicity of taking part. An email or a whatsapp message was enough to join in. That is another crucial aspect of these initiatives: they must have a clear mechanism and easy access. This allows you to participate quickly, at any time and from any device.

The international nature of the campaign

The advice of an agency specialising in competitions and prize promotions around the world is essential when an initiative is aimed at different countries. In the case of Fondital, that meant Spain and Poland.
The regulations of each country are different and you need to know them specifically to organise a prize promotion.

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