“Toast summer with us!”: new edition of the Alma Wines prize competition in Belgium

“Toast summer with us!”: new edition of the Alma Wines prize competition in Belgium

A prize competition for “Alessandro Berselli Signature Collection” wine consumers this year too

The decision to put up a valuable prize was confirmed this year again: the winner will receive a Fiat 500 Hybrid, while last year the prize pool included the Special Edition 120th Anniversary model of the same car.

The prize competition, which took place this year from 28 May to 1 July 2020, aimed to promote the “Alessandro Berselli Signature Collection” brand and increase sales of the five wines promoted: Alessandro Berselli Signature Primitivo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Mechanism of the competition
To participate, consumers had to connect to the site https://alessandroberselli.com, click on the banner and be redirected to the landing page of the competition, enter their details in addition to data relating to the purchase shown on the receipt which it was necessary to scan and attach.

Once registration was completed, consumers could access a questionnaire consisting of three questions. Correct answers to these initial questions gave access to a final one that required consumers to guess how many litres of Italian wine were sold at Delhaize supermarkets in 2019. To win it was necessary to guess the exact number or get as close as possible.

What you need to know to organise a prize competition in Belgium
In Belgium, local legislation allows the organisation of initiatives, including those linked to a purchase, but it imposes significant restrictions on promotional mechanisms.

Unlike most European countries, it is strictly forbidden in Belgium to organise prize draws where the allocation of prizes depends on chance.

On the other hand, prize competitions in which the winners are chosen on the basis of skill or merit, as well as gift with purchase promotions and loyalty campaigns, are allowed provided that they are carried out in compliance with current regulations.

Particular attention should also be paid to communications, for which there are precise guidelines to be respected, and to privacy aspects.

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