Instant Win contests on Instagram: get your community fired up!

Concorso Instant Win su Instagram: coinvolgi al massimo la tua community!

Thanks to an Instant Win contest on Instagram, rewarding your followers is simple and immediate

Organise an Instant Win contest on Instagram to let users know immediately if they have won one of the prizes up for grabs!

With our solution, which exploits the potential of chatbots, we can activate a mechanism of awarding prizes in Instant Win mode in addition to the classic Final Draw and/or Jury for a contest that takes place entirely on Instagram.

The Instant Win mode on Instagram offers numerous advantages and adapts perfectly to the nature of social media as it allows you to:

  • Make the interaction of users more engaging and exciting, allowing them to participate in a simple way and immediately find out if they have won
  • Increase the engagement of the Instagram community, creating a dynamic and fun experience.

Thanks to this solution, you will be able to reward your followers in an immediate and rewarding way, strengthening the bond with your audience. The simplicity of participation on Instagram, which may only require a comment or the sharing of content, makes these contests accessible to everyone, ensuring an inclusive and engaging experience for all your followers.

Find out how simple it is!

Participation takes place through a fully-automated chatbot that is activated within Instagram Direct Messaging (DM) following a user interaction that can be: a comment under a post with a keyword, a response to the promoter’s story or the publication of a story on their profile.

The user will have to follow the chatbot, and will be guided step by step, until they find out immediately if they have won one of the prizes up for grabs.

This is how it works!

What types of Instant Win contests on Instagram can you organise?

You can activate an Instant Win contest on Instagram with contest mechanisms that involve starting a chatbot in the Direct Message (DM), namely:

  • Comment Contest Chatbot (valid for posts and reels)
  • Reply to a story
Concorsi Instant Win Instagram “Comment Contest Chatbot”

Instant Win Contests on Instagram “Comment Contest Chatbots”

Comment Contest prize contests are considered among the most effective Instagram strategies for engaging a social media audiences. This is because the simplicity of their mechanics, which simply requires them to leave a comment, makes them powerful tools to increase engagement and gain rapid visibility on social media.

The integration of chatbots into a Comment Contest is a further step forward, both in terms of innovation and interactivity and user experience.

Thanks to this technology, it is possible to automate the management of participants and now also the automatic awarding of prizes in Instant win, making the process even more fluid and efficient.

Here are the advantages of organising an Instant Win Instagram contest with Comment Contest Chatbot mechanism:

Immediate answers: the chatbot automatically responds and guides the participants step by step

🏆 Instant Win Notification: Users immediately find out if they have won a prize, receiving direct notification via the chatbot.

🎁 Automatic Prize Management: Instant Win rewards distribution is managed automatically by our software.

The results are immediate: an increase in engagement, a highly positive user experience and a collection of profiled leads.

Concorsi REPLY TO THE STORY Instagram: perché organzzarne uno in modalità Instant Win?

Reply to the Story Instagram contests

To improve the visibility and engagement of your Instagram profile, the right choice is an Instant Win “Reply to the Story” contest.

The process is very simple: 

  1. The contest promoter posts a Story on their Instagram profile, and they enter a keyword that users must use to enter.
  2. Users must simply respond to the story by inserting the keyword.
  3. The participant then automatically receives a Direct message and starts a customisable chatbot for an interactive experience tailored to each participant.
  4. At the end of the chatbot flow, the user immediately finds out if they have won one of the Instant Win prizes up for grabs..

This type of contest offers several advantages, especially when awarding prizes in Instant Win:

🤳 Increase views of your content and Increase interactions on your profile

“Reply to the Story” contests attract the attention of your followers because having to interact with your Stories increases views of your content and the overall engagement of your profile.

💬 It allows you to acquire Leads thanks to the integration of the chatbots

Innovation in full compliance with the regulations

A “Respond to the story” contest allows you to take an innovative approach while always respecting regulations on prize events.

The Chatbots for an Instant Win contest are not just on Instagram: they can also be activated for your prize contests with WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp for prize events offers a direct and immediate channel to engage the audience, taking advantage of the popularity and familiarity of everyday applications. The chatbot automates the process and guarantees an immediate response to the participants on the outcome of their bet, thus encouraging participation and interest in the competition.

Want to know more? Visit our page dedicated to Instagram contests and contact us to organise yours!