Discover Comment Contest CHATBOT for your Instagram giveaways!

Get more followers and engagement and new leads with Comment Contest Chatbot

Discover Comment Contest CHATBOT for your Instagram giveaways!

Our Instagram Comment Contest has been upgraded: there is now Comment Contest CHATBOT, the Instagram solution to increase followers and engagement and to get leads!

Why this development of the Comment Contest?

The Comment Contest type of promotion has always been a winning solution for social media contests. We realised, however, that it was necessary to give a boost to social media promotions, for two primary reasons:

  1. Innovating social media solutions to meet market demand and the needs of brands
  2. Achieving more business objectives with a single Instagram activity

With a single social media activity, in fact, you can now:

  • Increase ENGAGEMENT

Get more comments on your post or reel. In addition, by asking users to mention friends to participate, you increase the visibility of your content by reaching potential new customers.

  • Increase the number of FOLLOWERS

With Comment Contest CHATBOT you can verify that contest participants are actually followers at the time of participation. Only by becoming a follower can the participation flow be completed.

  • Get LEADS

Now you can get Instagram users’ data! With Comment Contest CHATBOT you can ask users, directly in their Instagram direct messaging to indicate their data (first name, surname and email). You will no longer only have their IG name: you can obtain a complete profile of your followers.

Discover how Comment Contest CHATBOT works for your Instagram giveaways

  1. Users need to comment your post or reel with a keyword and mention friends
  2. Automatically, after posting the comment, users a receive a Direct message
  3. They simply have to follow the chat step by step to complete the participation in the contest!
Come funziona Comment Contest Chatbot per i tuoi giveaway Instagram

You can customise the chatbot to your liking: asking users for their personal data enables sending the newsletters or delivers discount codes! All the while always staying in the Instagram environment.

Do you want to organise an Instagram giveaway?

Send us an email to [email protected] and our digital team will be available to answer your requests and set up a first call to design together the promotion that best suits your needs.

Do you want to extend your contest to other countries around the world for your local Instagram pages?

At Promosfera we have had experience in international competitions and promotions since 2006 and so far we have worked in over 70 countries around the world. We are the right agency to evaluate and manage your Instagram promotion together in various countries: what is feasible in one country may not be allowed in another!

If you want to organise an Instagram promotion in different countries, write to our expert international promotions team at [email protected]

And remember we do have many other solutions for your Instagram contests!

Here are all the mechanisms for Instagram prize contests:

The type of Instagram contest that allows you to increase brand awareness and obtain valuable content

To participate in the contest, users must publish a post or a reel on their Instagram profile with the hashtag dedicated to the contest and the appropriate mentions.

This is our “historic” Instagram contest (we launched this solution in 2020!)

The solution to get contributions from users via Instagram Stories!

To participate in the contest, users must post a themed Instagram story mentioning the promoting brand. Following the publication of the story (as for the Comment Contest CHATBOT solution) users receive an automatic message in Direct Messages.

With this mechanism, you can get different images and videos from your users and re-share them on your stories to encourage participation in the contest and also increase your brand awareness.

The social media dynamic to encourage reactions to your stories

The promoter posts a story to their own users: users, in order to participate, simply have to reply to the story by typing the keyword! Here too, automatically following the response to the story, users receive a DM and the personalised chatbot is activated to finalise their participation.

Stories are the most viewed content by Instagram users: so we can make the most of them in a contest too!

To participate, users simply comment on your post and, if you want, you can also ask users to mention friends in order to make your contest known to many more people. Simple for users and always effective!

And you? What type of Instagram contest do you want to organise?

Contact us and let’s design the best strategy for your brand together.