Ideas and tips for your Easter prize-draw or competition

Ideas and tips for your Easter prize-draw or competition

Customer loyalty, entertainment, engagement: there’s a draw or competition for every objective

This year, Easter will be celebrated on 17 April, so there is still plenty of time to design and organise a promotion that makes an impact on your customers and/or prospects!

Easter lends itself both to initiatives for children and families and to promotions aimed at adults, in Italy and in many foreign countries.

Based on the objectives you have set and your target audience, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to the promotional dynamics to be launched.

Here are some ideas for your next promotional activity! 

Online calendar for Easter 📅

Among the most successful promotional initiatives recently are undoubtedly online calendars that allow promoters to offer multiple appointments to their customers or prospects. 

On a site and over a longer period of time you can give your users different types of content. 

Under each window you can insert:

  • Easter-themed interactive minigames
  • Quizzes & surveys
  • Custom discounts
  • Exclusive ebook content (such as a recipe book for Easter cakes!)

and lots more besides!

A promotion like this allows you to work on both engagement and customer loyalty.

On the model of the Advent Calendar, you can create a countdown to Easter that offers exclusive activities and content that encourage consumers to visit you every day! 

Virtual egg hunt 🐰

This tradition is widespread in different countries of the world such as, for example, the United States and organising an online one could be a great opportunity for the visibility of your brand or your product, including in those markets.

Creating an online egg hunt with us is quick and easy and allows you to create great entertainment as well as allowing you to offer free gifts, discounts and vouchers but also information about your products or services.

Any type of content you want to convey to your target audience is doubly appreciated if associated with opportunities for fun.


A contest on Instagram for Easter 🤳   

Traditional recipes, children’s crafts, the importance of family, the love of chocolate, egg hunts, the best original home decorations ….. so many themes that touch us at Easter! 

And a promotion on Instagram allows you to engage your target audience, getting them to post personal content on all these topics. 

Pictures and videos of users who show appreciation for your product, for example, are the best positive testimony you can boast of. In addition, this type of content allows you to liven up your social channels with original and exciting posts.

Creating an Instagram draw or competition quickly and easily and in full compliance with the regulations is easier than you think, whether you want to address the Italian market or a foreign country.

Would you like to organise an Easter prize-draw or competition? 👉Contact us now!