How to organise a Cashback

Win customers and retain them by returning money spent on purchases

Cashback is designed as an instrument for promoting sales, meeting consumers’ desire to save and over time, it has proved to be a very effective tool to win consumers and retain them

With a Cashback campaign, the company achieves the goal of giving the customer a tangible financial benefit through a partial or full refund of money spent.


Terms and conditions of participation

This promotional formula can include different methods and terms of participation, such as: 

  • a minimum spending limit to be reached in order to request reimbursement
  • a list of products from which to choose to benefit by the promotion
  • a maximum limit on the number of refunds that can be requested individually or per household

How to manage your refund request

The refund request by the consumer can be handled either through special online platforms or by post and the reimbursement can occur through the refund of amounts on their credit card, by PayPal or by bank transfer.

Why do consumers like Cashback?

This promotional formula is very popular and has more impact than the “immediate discount” because the receipt of a sum on their account is perceived by the consumer as if they have earned something

A Cashback initiative is a great tool to allow companies to reach and retain multiple users, and encourage the customers to choose their product instead of that of the competition.

How to activate a Cashback

To activate a Cashback initiative, the following steps must be taken:

  • draft Terms and Conditions with detailed conditions for participation
  • activate a customer service facility
  • coordinate the initiative
  • reimbursement handling facility 
  • create a platform for the request if required

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