“AGV Tourmodular contest” from Dainese for motorcyclists from Italy, Spain, France and Germany

AGV Tourmodular contest from Dainese

Dainese contest experience in the Dolomites with technical driving lessons or a voucher for €3000 is up for grabs

To increase the visibility of its brand and encourage sales of the new AGV Tourmodular helmet, Dainese has launched a contest for motorcyclists in Italy, Spain, France and Germany

All those buying the new AGV Tourmodular helmet at Dainese authorised retailers (including via e-commerce) from 2 May to 31 October 2022 in one of these 4 countries will be able to participate in the competition.

From all the entries received during this period, one lucky winner from each participating country will win and will be able to choose his favourite from one of the two prizes on offer.

Prizes for two-wheel enthusiasts

The winner of the Dainese contest will have the opportunity to choose one of these options

  • a Dainese Experience in Italy for one person;
  • a Dainese/TCX/AGV Voucher with a total value of €3,000 

The Dainese Experience is a group experience on the most beautiful roads of the Dolomites with Maxi Enduro bike and instructors who will provide lessons in driving technique to promote maximum safety and confidence in the saddle. 

The other option available to the winner is a voucher for the purchase of Dainese/TCX/AGV garments of your choice.

Organising an international contest

In its contest, Dainese has opted for the advice of an agency specialising in promotions in Italy and abroad.

The rules on prize-competition differ from country to country. It is essential to know these differences in order to avoid making mistakes that can be very expensive.

The aspects to be considered and the obligations to be fulfilled in a prize competition are many and in the case of a promotion abroad, each country has their own.

In particular, for each country, the following kind of aspects will be checked:

  • the feasibility or otherwise of the mechanism of the competition
  • what information should be in the draw or competition regulations
  • the need or otherwise to request an authorisation from the competent body
  • any limitations on the prize pool
  • whether or not a deposit is required to guarantee the prizes
  • timing and methods for awarding prizes
  • who will pay the taxes and to what extent

None of these points should be neglected. The sanctions applied to those who do not comply with the rules can be very severe it’s important to realize that in some countries there is even the possibility of imprisonment for offenders.

Do you want to organise a contest abroad? Contact us immediately to design it in the best possible way!