What Is Competition Entry & How to Write The Best One

Here are some of the best tips for writing winning entries to any competition!

Here are some of the best tips for writing winning entries to any competition! 

  • Get informed

Read the rules/terms and conditions carefully – even multiple times-  before you even start to write your entry! Being as informed and up-to-date on the specific rules will keep you from redoing your entry multiple times and help the information flow more naturally from your mind to paper. 

  • Stay organized and on track 

Staying organized will help your entry come off much more genuine and clear to whoever chooses the winner. Otherwise, you could find yourself writing in circles and confusing the reader. This is particularly important with design or artistic applicants. 

Try taking notes, highlighting important information and keeping all of the information you need in one file or online folders, such as a general CV or portfolio document.

  • Choose your topic wisely 

With written or artistic submissions, you may find yourself choosing between multiple topics. Choose wisely – Picking a topic that is most relevant to the competition may not always be the topic that you’re the most knowledgeable about, or vice versa. 

Go over the possible topics carefully, keeping in mind both the competition and your own personal skill set. 

  • Keep entries short and sweet

Often, some competitions can see hundreds or even thousands of applicants. Having an entry that is clear and long enough to explain yourself and skillset without rambling on will help you to stand out. No one likes to read unnecessary fluff. 

  • Choose your best work 

This may seem obvious, but one mistake we see people making is choosing work that they believe encompasses the competition without recognizing it is far from their best pieces. Choose the pieces that showcase your talent best and ideally you can find a way that they will fit into the guidelines of the competition. 


With these guidelines in place, you will easily be able to answer the question “What is a competition entry?” and showcase your talents appropriately to any and all judges. Remember: choose your best work, keep written content short and clear and stay organized and relevant to the topic. Now go win that competition!