Sweepstakes, Contests, and Giveaway Laws in the UK

Promotions in the UK: rules

The set of rules that regulates prize promotions and reward programs in the UK is certainly one of the most flexible in Europe, thanks also to a very simple bureaucracy.

However, to organize a prize promotion in the UK it is absolutely necessary to abide by the main reference regulation texts: The “Gambling Act” of 2005 and the “Consumer Protection Unfair Trading Regulations” of 2008.

Moreover, fully effective from March 2011, it also necessary to abide by the “Cap Code” drawn up by the British Committee of Advertising, establishing the guidelines to be observed in order to manage correctly the activities of sales promotion and direct marketing, including prize promotions.


Our agency is specialized in the management of prize promotions in the United Kingdom thanks to a team of consultants in international promotions and to the collaboration with local legal experts.

To all the companies that are interested in promoting products or services in the UK we offer our complete assistance for:

  • Prize promotions (Prize Draws, instant-win promotions, and Competitions)
  • Gift With Purchase promotions
  • Trade incentives
  • Customer loyalty programmes

Our services include:

  • A preliminary feasibility analysis
  • Consultancy on the promotion procedure in compliance with the regulations on prize contests in the United Kingdom
  • Handling of paperwork with the competent authorities
  • Checking of communication material according to law requirements
  • Consultancy on taxes within the promotion
  • Consultancy on Privacy issues

Organizing a prize promotion in the UK: Did you know that…
Prize promotions linked to the purchase of a product or a service are allowed in England, Scotland and Wales, but they are prohibited in Northern Ireland