Sweepstakes, Contests, and Giveaway Laws in Czech Republic

Promotions in Czech Republic: rules

Organising prize competitions is permitted in the Czech Republic, but local regulations impose particular bureaucratic requirements that must be fulfilled to avoid incurring penalties.

For example, prize competitions based on chance can only be organised with an appropriate licence, for which an application must be made to the competent authorities at least 15 days in advance.

There are also restrictions on the value of prizes and the total amount of prize money.

Special attention is also paid to the protection of participants’ personal data, which must be processed in compliance with the country‚Äôs currently applicable privacy regulations.

Our company, with the help of local consultants with specific expertise in the area of international promotions, offers support in organising prize competitions in the Czech Republic.

Companies interested in promoting services or products in the Czech Republic can take advantage of our assistance with:

  • Prize promotions
  • Gift With Purchase Promotions
  • Trade incentives
  • Loyalty programs

Some of our services:

  • A preliminary feasibility study
  • Consultancy on the promotional mechanics in compliance with the specific regulations of the country
  • Dealing with the paperwork in compliance with the regulations
  • Checking the communication material according to the provisions of the law
  • Tax consultancy concerning the prize events
  • Consultancy on Privacy

Organizing a prize promotion in Czech Republic: Did you know that…
It is not permitted to offer cash prizes in competitions.