MorePinkMoreGreen: an Instagram competition to promote good ecological habits from Pink Lady®

PinkLady®'s Instagram competition to promote good ecological habits

With our all-inclusive packages, Pink Lady® has activated a successful Instagram competition

To promote good ecological habits, jazz up the Instagram page @pinkladyitalia and to generate leads, we have created, in collaboration with SG Marketing, a simple fun Instagram competition.

The competition was organised by choosing all-inclusive solutions that guaranteed the promotional initiative simple management, rapid implementation and low costs.

Pink Lady®’s Instagram contest

Mention&Hashtag and Photofunny solutions have enabled Pink Lady® to activate a competition in full compliance with Italian rules for Instagram competitions, thus obtaining all the benefits of a worry-free promotional initiative.

The competition, active from 12 to 30 November 2020, required users to take a photo that portrays an ecological action, customise it with frames, emoticons and stickers and then publish it on their Instagram profile, entering a brief description of the action performed, the official hashtag of the competition #morepinkmoregreen and mention of the social media profile @pinkladyitalia.

The images, shown in the gallery of the landing page that we created especially for the competition, could be voted on until 2 December 2020. The winners were the owners of the 20 photos that received the most votes. In addition, a jury judged faithfulness to the theme, originality of the photo and creativity in showing the action or green moment of all the uploaded images and announced a final winner who won a special prize.

The competition was promoted on important communications media aimed atthe target audience and with the support of micro-influencers on Instagram who were involved in promoting it to their followers.