Prize-draw in Portugal: “Joga com Burger King and A Primeira Liga”

“Joga com Burger King and A Primeira Liga": in Portugal, order with the app and go to the stadium

Burger King prize-draw offers tickets for games

Burger King organized the “Joga com Burger King e A Primeira Liga” prize-draw in Portugal to encourage the use of its app.

From Burger King a challenge to its customers

The prize-draw is aimed at consumers who purchase a menu through the Burger King app during the promotion period that takes place from 19 January to 1 May 2022.

At the time of ordering, customers receive a code by email and a link to the site where they must register, enter the code and choose the match they would like to attend. 

At this point the system asks them 5 questions about football that appear successively, they must answer each one within 10 seconds. 

Each week a ranking is drawn up of the users who have provided the most correct answers in the shortest possible time, the first in the rankings wins the tickets available for the games of that weekend. 

During the promotion period, Burger King offers over 1000 tickets to attend first- and second-division football championship matches.

Choosing the right reward for your audience

Choosing the right prize for a draw or competition is one of the most delicate aspects of the promotion: for the competition to be successful, it is essential to choose an object that the target audience really wants, something that engages it and stirs its emotions. 

Football is much loved and is well followed in Portugal: superstitions, competition, propitiatory rituals ….. this sport arouses great passion for the Portuguese who follow it with family and friends.

What better prize pool for a prize-draw than tickets for two people to the championship football matches?

Prize competitions to boost your presence abroad

Prize-draws and -competitions are among the most popular promotional initiatives everywhere. Who would not want to receive a prize?

Before organizing a prize-draw or -competition abroad, you must check what are the regulations that govern it. Each country has its own, and there is no shared European legislation on this issue.

The safest solution is to work with an agency that already has experience of international prize-draws and -competitions and therefore knows the requirements in the country to which it applies and can recommend the best strategies to adopt.

You can organize promotions for several countries at the same time, always taking into account the particularities of each country involved.

Thanks to the experience we have gained in organising promotions in over 72 countries around the world, we are the ideal partner for a successful international draw or competition.
Promosfera collaborated with HighCo Spain  in the creation of this competition.

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